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    next release (3.0.3) will include ..

    1. Snapshot issue is partial solved, it is much more faster than previous implement
    But due to many web UI elements, it is very slow to load when snapshot is large
    This time, web UI is bottle neck.
    It takes 3 seconds per 1000 snapshots
    and I tested up to 4K snapshots
    I think it is enough, isn't it?

    2. set Id by default

    3. bug in addPool is fixed

    not include

    1. due to OMV core, mountpoint changing via commandline problem cannot be easily solved..

    you can see all user in system `cat /etc/passwd`
    In OMV 3.0, libvirt-qemu will be there, you can also check ps aux | grep libvirt
    `www-data` is username and also is group name

    And for `connection refused` issue, do you mean vnc feature right?
    First use connection libvirt via `local socket`
    If your network is in NAT environment, port forwarding is needed (port forwarding 6080 which is websocket)

    You can setup network for your needs network tab in webvirtmgr (usually NAT or bridge)
    This setting is very simple and easy I didn't put it in manual
    Network setup is recommended or you should manually edit XML to enable network whenever create new VM

    `www-data` user run webvirtmanager (it is what I guided in manual)
    `libvirtd` user run libvirt and qemu (it is debian package default behavior)

    Yeah setting up users and permission is little complex
    But it is applied all area, you must read good manual (sadly I have no idea what is best guide)

    I will set default to `by-ID` next release

    I tested omv 2.x, yeah it works as you said, but it is not working correctly (although functionally it is ok)
    `<mntent>` entries in `/etc/openmediavault/config.xml`has following structure
    `<fsname>` is pool name, `<dir>` is mountpoint, `<type>` should be zfs
    After changing mountpoint, you will see 2 `<mntent>` entries in `/etc/openmediavault/config.xml`
    One is old one having old mountpoint and this is garbage data, the other is new one
    Due to `fsname` can be duplicated in OMV 2.x, error dosen't occurs
    But in OMV 3.x, due to `faname` cannot be duplicated, error occurs

    so currently correct way to change mountpoint is
    first, change mountpoint with commandline
    second, change `<mntent>/<dir>` in `/etc/openmediavault/config.xml` to correspoding mountpoint

    Anyway, It seems little cumbersome to change mountpoint, so I will handle this next release

    If you identify the disks by /dev/id zfs integrates them independent from the physical port. The system continues work if you interchange the disks of /dev/sda and /dev/sdb as an example.

    It's a best practise and often recommended to set up zfs pools by-id.

    Thanks for letting me why it is best practice

    I hope to find some time this weekend. I want to build up a completely fresh system. At the moment my omv is installed on bare metal. In future I want to use proxmox or esxi with pci passthrough for my dvb tuner card (digital devices cine s2) and my onboard sas/sata controller (lsi3008). I am still unsure which hypervisor would be best to use.

    As I know proxmox use kvm, although I personally didn't use proxmox, I use kvm currently
    And I used esxi shortly
    Esxi is not good at graphic card pci pass through and also support officially specific device
    (But I think your hardware is supported since server mainboard but i'm not sure about it)

    You can install omv as host or can install omv as guest but I prefer to install omv as host
    Why not try guide I wrote?
    [GUIDE] How to install KVM + WebvirtMgr

    thanks for detail reporting @wolffstarr

    I can reproduce your problem regarding creating pool
    whenever device alias is set to `By Id` or `mount point` is not empty
    pool is not created successfully
    this is definetely bug and I will investigate further what's wrong

    Device Alias set to "By ID" (which should be the default, by the way)

    By the way, can you let me know why `By ID` should be default ?

    The configuration object 'conf.system.filesystem.mountpoint' is not unique. An object with the property 'fsname' and the value 'tank' already exists.

    I can also reproduce this problem
    it seems that zfs plugin try to create new fstab entry in omv since mount point is changed
    but collision occur since old data exists
    it can be solved editing manually <fstab> with `vim /etc/openmediavault/config.xml `
    this is becuase that editing mount point via command-line is not accepted by plugin design or you should manually edit config.xml

    for snapshot problem
    I didn't test it, sorry I will test it next post
    but I suspect time-out issue since it is ok when the number of snapshot are small

    ridiculous I personally tested exactly same docker
    and downloading torrent file works well

    I think you should test with stan account
    1. fist log in to stan account
    su satan
    2. go to your shared host folder
    3. touch test
    4. check `test` file is created successfully