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    I do get a virtualbox error during the installation of the headers:

    Is is this just not compatible because I have virtualbox? Or is there an update I need to do for virtualbox first?

    EDIT: I found this patch:

    Not sure how to apply it though

    From my understanding this patch is also included in the latest test builds:
    Would these be safe to install? I remember it was a hassle installing virtualbox in OMV in the first place,although that was over a year ago.

    I noticed (bug?) that when I modify docker containers, if any errors come up during the saving modifications, it will destroy the container.

    Basically after the initial error for something such as 'duplicate mount points' it takes you back to modify but any changes from then on display anothe rerror message "Error 0 -"

    When you click cancel to get out of the modify modal, the container will now have disappeared and youll have to recreate it from the image again... This is extremely annoying and sometimes docker-plugin will occasionally throw errors just modifying an existing container, which causes you to lose the whole thing....

    I installed docker plugin on a fresh OMV 4.x install, when i go to enable it,or do anything else in the plugin I get this message:

    Running 'systemctl status docker.service' gives this output:

    Relevant portions of SYSlog:

    I think this line may be the most informative:

    Mar 18 15:48:44 nas dockerd[5041]: Error starting daemon: error while opening volume store metadata database: no such device

    Not sure where that path is set though...
    Ive also tried the docker-ce plugin as well and gotten the same error :(. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Ive also gotten the exact same result on a fresh OMV 3.x install...

    1st problem:

    I did a clean install to OMV 3.x after using OMV 2.x. Some of my data drives showed up while others did not. I have 2 that show up in Physical Drives but they dont show up in filesystems page. They have data on them.

    So I had an openmediavault 2.x system with a mergerfs pool setup using unionfs plugin. I decided to do a fresh install to openmediavault 3.x. I wiped the OS drive and installed 3.x . However I didnt unsetup the drive pool before I did this...

    Now I went into OMV 3.x and installed the unionfs plugin and when I go to ADD in the plugin to add a pool, no drives appear in the list and I get this error:

    Are my previous drives recoverable? Is there anything you guys recommend I do?

    I am trying to use the union file systems plugin to create a pool but it does not work at all. I tried aufs, mhddfs and mergerfs and they all had the same result:

    when creating the pool It says "saving...." followed by an error saying: gateway timeout..

    If I go back into the plugin to see if it was created it says "loading..." for a while and then "communication failure" and then no pools are displayed. The same things happens if I click on the filesystems page as well. No filesystems are listed anymore.

    When I try to recreate the pool and use the same name it says "pool name exists" even though I cannot see the pool at all.

    I have reinstalled Openmediavault 3 times and only installed omv-extras and the union file systems plugin as well as update all packages. The very first time I was able to successfully create a mhddfs pool but then I deleted it and tried to make a mergerfs pool instead. This is when everything started to go wrong... Are there any logs I can check to see whats going wrong here?