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    Does somebody already add a nginx module to the nginx plugin ?

    I saw it must be recompiled with the good option ?

    how it is risky ? how recompiled with the same option the plugin was compiled ?

    it is possible to update the plugin itself ?

    as far as i am concern, the plugin i would like is :

    thank you in advance

    first sorry for my poor english ;)

    I would like to create a firewall rule, to allow access from a given domain name.

    I explain :

    Today I use nginx reverse proxy on OMV to redirect some request on a raspberry on my local network.
    I have an external service which would access to my raspberry throught OMV/nginx. But this service could have many IP source, and I would like to disallow other ip source than these of the external service.

    Is it possible to do what i want with OMV firewall ? could someone help me ?

    Or maybe I could do this in the nginx reverse proxy with this module ?

    Don't hesitate to ask to me some precisions if my post is not clear ^^

    Thanks in advance

    (sorry for my bad english ;) )
    To secure the access to a website, I configured nginx to set the ssl connection. It's works but to be even more secure I am looking for a tutorial to configure a mutual ssl authentification. could some one help me or give me a website with an How-To.
    thanbk you very much

    quelqu'un a t'il essayé d'installé jeedom sur openmediavault 4 (debian 9) sans passer par docker ?
    Qu'elle peuvent être les conséquences ?
    si me souvenirs sont bons, j'avais essayé de le faire via docker mais il m’était impossible de détecter ma clé zwave (
    Un grand merci

    I tried to put this section

    <IfUser regex ^ftp> PathDenyFilter \.conf$ </IfUser>

    in the proftpd.conf , but if i update something about ftp in GUI, proftp.conf is "regenerate" and my update disepear :o(

    does somebody have a solution to add something in proftpd.conf without loosing it ?

    thank you

    yes the option field works but if i want to add an entire section, how i have to do ?
    for example if i want to add in the proftpd.conf this section

    <IfUser regex ^ftp> PathDenyFilter \.conf$ </IfUser>

    i have the docker plugin.I installed , and remove after some months, the jeedom container.
    But, i noticed in syslog, i have every minutes this line
    Does somebody kow what is it ? and can i remove it and how ? :)
    thank you very much

    Jul 27 13:15:01 openmediavault CRON[24949]: (www-data) CMD (/usr/bin/php /var/www/html/core/php/jeeCron.php >> /dev/null)

    i find the command
    just after the boot i have to launch

    sudo systemctl start sharedfolders-JOSEPH.mount

    and the shrefolder is well link to the remote mount.
    in syslog at boot, i found that

    Since i upgrade remote mount plugin in 4.0.6, the field login and paswword are mandatory :o( and each time i reboot, the sharefolder is not "link" to the remote mount.
    I don't understand what happen.
    thank you in advance for your help.