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    First sorry for my poor english and sorry for, maybe, my idiot question, i am a newbie in linux :)

    I want to upgrade from OMV 3 to 4, i verified all plugins and uninstall the old ones. But what happen for the programs i installed manually with apt-get install (like rclone for exemple) ? Are they going to be uninstalled cleanly ?

    Thank you in advance

    thanks for your answer. one other question please ;)
    when you said "largest drive", do you mean "largest partition" ?
    because my largest partition is 2,5To, but it is on a 3To drive :)
    thanks a lot and happy new year

    Sorry for my poor english :S
    I am a beginner with snapraid. i read some thread and documentation about snapraid but i still ask myself what is the better way to configure it.
    i explain:
    I have
    HD1 sda 2To
    HD2 sdb1 1To
    HD2 sdb2 1To
    HD3 sdc1 500Go
    HD3 sdc2 2,5to

    today, datas are on HD1 , HD2 and the sdc1 partiction of HD3 (500Go )

    for you, what are the best ways to configure snapraid to "backup" all datas ? the way to avoid the maximum loss ?

    Thank you all and best wishes for the festive season

    first, i hope everybody will understand my poor english ;)
    i found many thread speaking about modifying parameters in monit configuration, but i didn't found a thread about adding a new entry.
    I just want to monit with a network ping test if a device is connected or not on my network, and if not, send an alert.
    I thought it was exactly what monit does, that is why i want to add a service in monit. but i don't know which file adding/modifying to do this being sure that omv will not reset all i have done when reboot.
    thank you in advance for your help

    I am looking for the way to customize the subject of the email notification we receive when we ask for exemple to send userdefined task trace by email ?
    Is there any template for exemple ? i was looking for on system and on github but i don't find something interesting :)
    Thank you very much

    Hi, i am a french newbie with OMV 1.19 kralizec so my question is maybe inappropriate and my english not good ;) .
    I am looking for the way to graph the SMART data in a tab. i saw in the forum a post speaking about that but it is an old one and some users had somes problems with it.
    I think OMV use munin and I saw that it exists a munin plugin to graph SMART:
    Does someone already tests this solution ? Or Is there any other simple solution ?
    thank you very much