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    Since a few days I have a problem with remote desktop, from win10 i launch "Remote Desktop", it connects with my omv, it asks me to login, then i have only a blank window.
    I tried to uninstall and reinstall plugin.
    I don't know i it can helps but from file .xorgxrdp.10.log i found some errors:

    cat .xorgxrdp.10.log | grep EE
    (WW) warning, (EE) error, (NI) not implemented, (??) unknown.
    [ 397.096] (EE) systemd-logind: failed to take device /dev/dri/card0: Operation not permitted
    [ 397.152] (EE) AIGLX: reverting to software rendering
    [ 397.152] (EE) AIGLX error: dlopen of /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/ failed (/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)
    [ 397.152] (EE) GLX: could not load software renderer
    [ 397.339] (EE) systemd-logind: failed to take device /dev/dri/card0: Operation not permitted

    What can i do?

    I think it was solved, but it isn't.

    After a reboot the file jdownloader.jar is no more... =O

    Solved: i tried to launch directly the command:

    /usr/bin/java -Djava.awt.headless=true -jar /opt/jdownloader/JDownloader.jar

    this is the output:

    Error: Unable to access jarfile /opt/jdownloader/JDownloader.jar

    then ls /opt/jdownloader there is not JDownloader.jar file but there is JDownloader.jar.backup.1
    I copied JDownloader.jar.backup.1 in JDownloader.jar and now it works, but i think this is not a very correct procedure

    I update to 3.0.32 (from 3.0.31) and jDownloader doesn't want to start. Here is the error:

    I tried to reboot a couple of time, but it doesn't work.
    Any ideas?

    Well, i've tested a lot OMV in a VM, then i installed it on my NAS about 10 days ago.
    Now i can say that i LOVE OMV so MUCH! (and omv-extras of course).
    My compliments and thanks to developers. And thanks for the help given on the forum.
    I'll make a donation to OMV project, a little donation for now but i'll make another next months, and I hope to make a donation every few months.
    I invite all the users who use it to make a donation so that this wonderful project continues on his way.

    I think this is a plex issue, here is the agent log

    Nice machine! Looks good!
    Just one advice, I tried with RAID1 and I failed and almost lost loads of data. Since RAID is not a Backup solution, and having in mind that you have not built any "enterprise-ñevel" NAS, I would go with RSnapshot if you need redundancy. Call me paranoid but I don't trust any RAID with less than 3 or 4 disks.

    Maybe you are planning to use RAID to speed up reads or you don't have very valuable data in those disks. I just wanted to give my opinion on RAID.


    I've another disk where i backup all important files with rsnapshot (incremental 7 days backup)

    Finally yesterday I assembled my first home-nas :thumbsup:
    I chose these components:

    • Thermaltake Core V1 Case
    • Mainboard Asrock J3160-itx
    • 8 GB Ram (2x4GB DDR3L 1600Mhz Kingston)
    • PSU Corsair VS350
    • SSD 32GB Transcend (system disk)
    • HD WD Red 3 TB (only one for now since I finished the budget, but for Christmas I'll buy another one so i can do Raid 1)
    • HD 1TB Seagate (i already have it, it's for incremental backup of some important documents and photos)

    I'll use it as SMB shares, web server and plex media server for my LG tv.

    Today i will install OMV 3 (i've tested it for 3 weeks in VM). :D

    (Sorry for bad english!)