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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    yes, I rebooted and I can see the additional spave already.
    So I changed the policy to most free space, but it still does not work.
    Do I need to create the folders I have merged with my unionfs manually?

    Example: I have a shared folder "Movies", which exists on the older two drives. Do I need to create this fold on the new HDD manually - and do I need to set the permissions manually?

    Thanks for your help.


    I wanted to add an additional HDD to my existing MergerFS configuration. I added the drive to the pool, but unfortunately no data will be written to the new drive.
    Any ideas how to get this working?


    Ok, the problem seems to be the unmouned union filesystem.
    I listed the content in console and there was a folder "MySQL" which i deleted.
    But i'm still not able to mount this fs.
    i tried mount -a but there was an error with the first filesystem (NTFS), so no success.

    Any hints ho to get this mounted?
    Or can I just delete the union fs and create a new one without risk?


    since today I have a strange behaviour with omv, i can not access the shares anymore.
    No changes were made in configuration to that point, so I have no idea what happened.
    Maybe an update caused this behaviour, but I'm not sure about that because I did not really check each single update, just executed the updates.

    The strange thing is that i can connect with the user, but immediately i get the error message "no permission".

    I checked the configuration of the share, but for me it looks ok.
    Here's what I tried afterwards:
    - Several restarts of the clients (Win10, Android phone, FiretV (android) => No Success
    - Several restarts of the smb service => No success
    - Several restarts of the omv server => No success
    - Created a new user with same permissions => No suc.
    - Access via FTP (WinSCP) => Success
    - checked the log => nothing suspicious
    - checked the smb.conf => the user is mentioned there

    Now I'm running out of ideas, can you give me some advise what else to try?
    I appreciate your help.