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    Which QNAP mode?

    I'm using a TS-251D

    The TS-251D has a PCIe slot, where I added a m2 ssd. Here I put kodi, cups, OMV and for all other apps I'm using docker.

    Therefor the added ssd is also helpful, it's hosting also the volumes for my docker container.

    The 2 bays are only for data.

    Also I replaced the 2 G memory. It's too small. I'm running now 8 G.

    I'm happy with that. The TS-251D, for me is like a standard intel PC, but smaller, nicely designed and cheaper.

    same thing with my installation

    [ 8593.152321] md0_raid1(426): WRITE block 3999616 on sda2 (8 sectors)
    [ 8593.158740] md0_raid1(426): WRITE block 3999616 on sda1 (8 sectors)

    Any new infos?

    Still have problems with my OMV installation...

    • the disk doesn't spinn down
      In physical disk I set the properties to minimum power usage and spindown time to 30 Minutes.
      But the disk is always spinning

    No idea what to do?

    Nope. Need recovery/debrick (But you can save main config for future reinstall).For WDMC Mirror available "miniOS" (Initrd with busybox, parted and mdadm).

    Thanks a lot.

    That's what I did:

    • debricked the WD-MyCloud
    • reinstalled OMV
    • activate the network :-)

    now it works fine.

    Anyway I'm getting problems installing minidlna. is there any howto on that?


    I changed my myCloud to OMV as it was posted in the first post.
    Worked perfect.

    But now, after a reboot, The myCloud isn't connecting to my network any more.
    I looked into my rooter, but the myCloud is not asking for an ip-address

    is there a default address where OMV bind to eth0: in image?