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    In fact I am trying to create a live backup policy for all VM.

    Did you backup your VM ? If yes how ?offline ?

    tomorrow I will try to upgrade from debian wheezy (stable OMW) to jessie with OMW 3. --> apt-get dist-upgrade must work, and thanks to virtualisation ;-) and you ! :-)


    They did?? Looks like it is still there to me. Anyone is free to write a kvm plugin now. I prefer to use Proxmox and run OMV on Proxmox.

    Hello ryecoaaron
    If I understand you use proxmox and OMV is a virtual machine.

    What is your configuration and how OMV share/manage your data ? --> disk passthrough from proxmox to OMV VM ? share from proxmox to OMV VM ? iscsi target ? other ?

    Thanks, sorry for my bad english


    Actualy default OMV installation manage my dedicated data hard drive.

    Now I want to move this hard drive to another computer and I want that OMV continu to manage shares, shares authentications...

    In fact I want that a server host the hard drive and OMV remote manage it as internal disk.

    For example the first server can share the hard drive with NFS through a dedicated network link with OMV server. I mount the hard drive in /media/UID
    And OMV server transparently share with users.

    I don't want to break OMV or a futur update break my configuration: what is the best way to do that with OMV ? NFS ? (Or SAN, I don't know how SAN really works, is it easy ?)

    And remotemount plugin is for version 3... :(

    Server 1 is classic debian linux server
    OMV server debian classic.

    OMV server has 2 networks, network1 for users and network2 for data Server1.
    Server1 is not visible for final users.

    Sorry for my bad english