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    I found some script and customized it to my route.
    Its running in crontab every 5 minutes and it seems like its currenty working.

    If someone ever has the same problem and is finding this thread, here is the script i found with source-link:


    im having problems creating persistent routes on my OMV.

    I added a route in /etc/network/interfaces, which does not seem to get applied:

    iface eth0 inet static
    dns-search mm.home
    pre-down ethtool -s $IFACE wol g
    up route add -net netmask gw
    down route del -net netmask gw

    I also downloaded the route-plugin from omv-extras and set the route.
    This also does not seem to get applied.

    When im adding the route manually, via route add -net the route persists some time but seems to be getting deleted every now and then.
    If it persists long enough after manual entry, the hibernate/wakeup-process removes it again.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction ?
    Thanks in advance!

    Hi ryecoaaron,

    thanks for you reply.
    Unfortunately i have no BIOS updates available, my system is already running on the latest version.

    I will still take a look through the settings and see if anything has changed and report back.


    as some others, i have one problem with the autoshutdown-plugin.
    I have it set up and it works how i want with one major quirk i cant seem to figure out:

    Every evening, when omv is supposed to go to sleep (hibernate) it reboots one time, the second time autoshutdown issues the hibernate command it works as intended.

    The logs seem to be correct and i can see no errors, or falsely issued commands:

    This is the autoshutdown.log. As you can see, the last active host (me) went offline at around 00:00, 5 cycles after ~00:30 (00:41:03 in this case) autoshutdown issues the "pm-hibernate" command.
    Then the machine reboots! and the autoshutdown script is started again (00:42:01) goes 5 cycles, as nothing is online etc. and then issues another "pm-hibernate", this time the machine stays in hibernation until it is woken the next day.

    In the syslog you can see autoshutdown puts an info (00:41:03) that pm-hibernate has been issued.
    At 00:41:03 it shuts down after calling the stop function from the /etc/pm/sleep.d/autoshutdown-restart script (which is for logging purposes as far as i can tell).

    This happens consistently.

    Can anyone help me find the reason for the rebooting ?

    I would like to propose a extension/feature request for autoshutdown:

    The up-hours setting should be extended for 2 sets of up-time.
    In my case, i have it set to stay online between 17:00 and 22:00.
    However, on the weekends it should stay online, probably between 10:00 to 22:00.

    Would it be possible to implement this in some future update ?

    The Line:

    Unable to locate package openmediavault-ddclient

    says the package (or plugin) does not exist in your configured repositorys.

    What Plugin is this, is this shown in the GUI ?
    Is this part of omv-extras ?

    Klar kannst du die excluden, hindern wird dich keiner.

    Allerdings kannst du die dann auch nicht wiederherstellen, ist ja auch klar.

    Wenn du meinst du brauchst die Daten nicht, lass sie weg, denn wer Daten nicht sichern will, will sie auch nicht restoren :)

    Do you have a share for your backupdisk ?
    If not, you will never see them.

    The files are most certainly there (the free space seems to shrink when you are backing up), however you just dont have a share for the drive, thus are unable to see them over smb.

    Either look via ssh, or open some shares that point to the backed up folders on the backuphdd.

    Hab gerade oben gesehn, mit dir kann ich ja deutsch schreiben.

    Hol dir das unrar von Rarlabs ("UnRAR Debian amd64"), das entpackst du auf deinem Windows-Rechner zb. mit 7zip.

    Hier gibts im ordner .\usr\bin dann eine unrar-nonfree Datei.

    Die schiebst du per WinSCP nach \usr\bin und nennst sie einfach "unrar" (ohne Dateiendung oder so), gibt es eine unrar-datei schon, oder eine unrar-Verküpfung, kannst du die einfach löschen.
    Dann passt du nur noch die Zugriffsrechte auf die Datei an und dann sollte es gehen.

    Bei mir war ein unrar als Verknüpfung drin, das auf unrar-free gezeigt hat, deswegen hab ich das bei mir einfach gelöscht und eben ersetzt.