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    Finally got my SATA+Power extension cable, so I could test the HDD in the NVRAM's port, and it worked.
    So then I plugged the NVRAM into the HDD Caddy's cables, nada. Wasn't surprised. Looked around in the BIOS some more and BAM. SATA1 - DISABLED.

    Dell, if you're reading this, maybe on the page in the BIOS where you list the detected HDD's, if a port is disabled, rather than saying "Not Detected" just say "Disabled" :p

    So now I feel like an idiot, but it works lol

    Interesting thread. I got one of these for free from work when they were about to toss it out, cause why not.
    Now mine is the Single Core Atom version, with the 1GB NVRAM SSD.

    I remembered I had an old Windows tablet that had a mPCIe decoder card (Broadcom CrystalHD, the second version, half-sized card which has better hardware and actually fits the slot), pulled it out and it fit in the mPCIe slot like a champ. Now in XP Embedded it will play almost anything I throw at it, which is just awesome.

    That's when I decided to order the HDD Caddy, and my issue starts. I got the caddy the other day, and tried 3 different 2.5" HDD's (Two of which I KNOW worked as I pulled them out of working laptops). Regardless when I plug it in and boot it up, POST says there's no HDD (even if the nvram SSD is still installed) and the BIOS shows nothing on the second SATA Port. I have a few $1 cables enrute from China which would allow me to at least use the SSD's SATA port, but I was really hoping to be able to use both.
    Has anyone run into this?

    It says:

    No HDD
    Pres F1 to Resume

    >I press F1

    Checking NVRAM

    No boot device available-
    strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup, F5 for diagnostics.

    The NVRAM check fails wether the NVRAM SSD is still installed or not.

    If I unplug the HDD Fan, it'll boot to the NVRAM, and not see the hdd. The HDD seems to be spinning up.

    Best guess, it's the SATA Cable or the SATA Port. I don't want to contact the seller who sold me the cable however if it's a known issue and I'm missing something stupid.. Any ieas ?