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    I'm having issues trying to get the transmission plugin working on OMV v3.0.65. I have installed the plugin and it's enabled with the directories set but i'm unable to access the web GUI for it. When i try to access it i get a "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED" error in chrome. i do have deluge running but i would prefer to use transmission.

    I didn't seem to have any issues with installing transmission when i was running OMV v2.x.x.

    I'm sure it's got to be something simple i'm missing so any help would be greatly be received.


    Ok change in plans.

    I'm back to OMV v2.2.8 but i have reconfigured the disk layout since i'm paranoid (wife would kill me if i lost the family photos).

    2 x 2TB in Raid 1 - EXT4 (Music, Software, Photos).
    3 x 3TB in MergeFS pool - EXT4 (Movies and TV Shows).
    1 x 3TB for Snapraid parity (covering the Raid 1 and MergeFS pool).

    I've also bonded the 2 network interfaces to Balanced-XOR, which from my reading is best choice for an umanaged switch.

    Everything is trucking along quite nicely now, copying data over at 80-110MBps.

    That's a very good question vl1969.

    Currently running OMV 3.0.35 with kernel 4.6 :).

    Seem ok except for the buggy service status after install. I see a green lights showing that ntp, smnp, cifs and nfs services are running but they were all disabled. i enabled and the disabled each service which fixed it.

    EDIT: hit a road block. using OMV 3 i am unable to select my mergefs pool in shared folders, only the individual hard drives appear for some reason. time to dig through the forum.

    Something is very off.

    I reinstalled Windows 10 on a spare box and then tried to double click the OMV server in my network places or browse by IP address, I got the same error as the OP. It looks like there is no prompt to enter username and password details so it just terminates the connection.

    I got it working by doing this.

    control panel > user accounts > manage your credentials > windows credentials. add a windows credentials and put in the OMV name (e.g. \\OMV) and put in the username and password of the account i had set up on OMV.

    Prior to installing KB3189866 i wouldnt get prompted for creds when i tried to access \\OMV.

    I can also see in the CIFS forum that at least 1 other person has the same issue.

    I'm seeing this problem after updating my laptop.

    I'm seeing this in the samba logs

    Sep 16 15:51:14 openmediavault smbd[4895]:   receive_smb_raw_talloc failed for client read error = NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_RESET.

    sorry, using OMV 2.2.7

    EDIT: just uninstalled KB3189866 and i can connect again.

    EDIT2: reinstalled KB3189866 again for testing and i can't get access to my OMV shares.

    EDIT3: OK I can access OMV shares when using its ip address. I only get that error if I navigate through network places on W10.

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m a first time OMV user and NAS builder so I have a few questions to ensure I’m not doing anything stupid before I commit my data on to OMV.

    I have built up a NAS using the following components.

    • Pentium G4400 (3.3Ghz)
    • 2 x 4GB DDR 4
    • Gigabyte GA-B150N-GSM (ITX)
    • Sliverstone Strider ST65F-PT (650W)
    • M1015 (Flashed to IT)
    • 4 x Seagate 3TB (connected to M1015)
    • 2 x Seagate 2TB (connected to M1015)
    • 1 x Toshiba 250GB (Connected to Motherboard)
    • Fractal Design Node 304

    I will be storing HD movies, HD TV shows, lossless music,photos and game archives. Pretty much all of these files will be static and new files will just be added.

    1. Installation
    I have installed OMV 2.1 on to the 250GB drive and then installed all the OMV updates which has brought OMV up to 2.2.7. Then installed the OMV extra stable update for OMV 2.1 and installed snapraid and union filesystem.

    2. Prepare disks
    Open physical disks and wipe (quick) all the Seagate disks. Then over to filesystem and format all the Seagate drives to EXT4.

    So far so good, the next steps i'm not sure on

    3. SnapRaid
    Go to SnapRaid and configure 2 x 3TB Seagate drives as parity drives (can I use 1 parity drive?) and the remaining Seagate drives will be data and content enabled (does content need to be enabled?).

    4. MergeFS
    In the Union filesystem section create a mergefs pool with a create policy of existing path,most free space and select all drives except the SnapRaid parity drives.

    Next steps
    From this point onward it would be setting up samba shares and then copy everything across to the NAS but I don’t want to move on unless snapraid and mergefs are set up is correctly.

    Any thoughts or recommendations on my game plan?