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    Dear all,

    im starting to have a second cold backup for my data on external HDD .

    Reading around i can do that by USB-Backup plugin, or by a scheduled Rsync task as per omv extras " Utilities , Maintenance, Backup".

    My setup is quite simple, i have 3 hdd for data, pooled by mergerFs plugin.

    In each hdd there is a top level folder called data , and under that others folders ( photo; music, backup, os; etc etc ).

    Can i choose from the plugin the MergerFs pool as backup source ?

    In your opinion , what is the best ' How to ' or advice for a cold backup strategy ?

    Kindly Regards,


    Hi, im using omv mainly for music server .

    A few years ago i had a same setup as yours .

    Omv for music storage with Nfs share , and a Raspi with volumio connected to my ampli .

    Raspi was with the DAC bc my ampli was old.

    By the way, i tried a ton of music app, and now i use Polaris docker , it's really cool and simple.

    UI is very clean and can handle a lot of Tb of music without problem and no conversion to .mp3 ( i had only lossless ).

    Ther's also the android app.

    Best regards,


    Dear all,

    i would like to setup my wetty connection by public /private key on wetty docker/plugin.

    I have already asked , but i have some trouble to understand how to do.


    You could add the path to your private key

    --ssh-key path to an optional client private key (connection will be password-less and insecure!) [string]

    Can someone point me to a solution Pls ?

    My current setup is :

    OMV_user : daniele - Group: ssh, sudo, docker ( in user page i paste my key ).

    Client : Opensuse Tumbleweed - keys are in /home/daniele/.ssh

    Now i access to ssh by public/private key

    Best regards


    Hi @ryecoaaron, i saw the new example for wetty.

    I have some question for you.

    For the CONTAINER_NAME i have to put the name for example ' transmission' if i would exec the console for that container ?

    Another things,

    I have setup my SSH service with login by public key only.

    Should i have to change this setting with user and password , to be able to use wetty ?

    Sorry for this dumb question .

    Best Regards,


    Dear all , i need your help.

    Yesterday I have accidentally delete the diff script from the scheduled task and now i can't use anymore for snapraid.

    How can i restote It ??

    I think the command Is not presente in the PATH env. ( I suppose )

    Best regards,


    Hmmmm, need to change this recoursively ?