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    I have been trying to connect to the server through sftp which I'm just testing, but I'm having no luck. Before I go on, I should mention that I am able to connect to the ftp share just fine when using ftp unsecure from the file zilla options. So I know that's working. I'm on omv 3.0.74. I have enabled all the options on and off and created the certificate, but no matter what I keep getting and error connecting. So I have turned all that off for now, but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about why the sftp connection fails? I am using port 22 and have forwarded that port just to be sure. I just can't for the life of me figure out what may be happening since I have tried all the differnce combinations on those setting in the omv ftp page. I have also used the regular ftp setting in filezilla and changed the others below it along with the ssl on the ftp page of omv. If there is a guide I can check somewhere please let me know. Thanks.

    I should note that I'm using groups to add rights to whatever users I add so I don't have to do individual persons. I noticed that there is an sshd group under groups but ssh under user group.

    Okay most updates went through but there were some errors. The error looks to be from the man pages update. It's the only one that won't install.
    FYI, omv extras plugin wasn't showing up until I updated and I can see it now. So I'll give that a test. I went ahead and re-checked for updates and there where a whole bunch again so I updated and it seems to be working now.

    FYI: Every time I select to do all updates at once I get this error. It sometimes works if I start with one or two, let those updates go then I can select all the rest at once. I'm not sure why but thought I mention it.

    I think I found the solution to this one. I didn't have a DNS in eth0 and just added that and it's going now. Cool.

    Well I did a bit of reading and thought I try using the omv-firstaid and it worked fine. Here are the steps in case anyone else gets locked out of the web panel. If you are using windows you need an ssh client since I don't think that worked last time I tried using ssh in the command line before. I just installed mate so I can just ssh into the nas from the terminal.
    1. Ssh into your nas with ssh root@yournasipaddress. Don't forget the @ character, it's been a while since I ssh into anything and forgot about it when typing this into the terminal.
    2. Enter your root password, I hope you wrote it down somewhere since it's not the account you use to login all the time. OMV needs 3 different accounts before you can start using it as a nas. Root, the web panel and a user account or you won't be able to use it. Do correct me if I'm wrong.
    3. Use the info from this link.…nge_admin_password_in_CLI
    4. Here are all the options you will see when you use omv-firstaid.

    It worked great, but I'm still wondering what happened though. I hope this helps.

    Hi guys. Today I went ahead and turned on my nas to use it. I am able to get to my network files, but I tried to log into the admin account through the browser and I can't seem to be able to do it. Last time I turned it on I installed all the updates and of course I turned it off after that. Today I got the message on the tv telling me that the account is admin and the default password is openmediavault. I use the tv as my monitor on this. I can't login with either password on the gui, the one I put in or the default password. So I have no idea what other changes were there, but I just can't log into the browser gui. I can still access my files with my account though. Any reason why that changed since I haven't changed that myself other than the updates and I have had the nas turned off so it's not open to the Internet except when I update it or turn it on for a bit. I already turned it off and back on again, still the same thing.

    I personally use clonezilla for that purpose. Before I make a major configuration change I create an image of my OMV system disk. Indeed it is a little bit laborious and needs to shutdown the Nas. But if something goes wrong I have the possibility to go back to an earlier state and can start another try. The usage of clonezilla is quite easy.

    Thanks for the reminder. I still need to make a backup of the omv drive anyway so that makes sense to do now just in case. So I will just do this.

    nginx is the web server. You would need a web based file manager probably based on php.

    There isn't a way. If a plugin causes a problem, post here. Most problems can be reverted by uninstalling the plugin.

    Thanks. I won't be changing too much at the moment, but I was just wondering about the configuration.

    Hi ryecoaaron. Thanks for getting back to me. I was thinking more in the lines of a web pages for my own use when away. Basically a web server and not the web admin access. That was set up on my old nas and I was able to basically manage my files through the web too so I was just trying to figure out how I could go about doing something similar with omv.

    I'm not familiar with nginx so I'm not sure how that works on omv. If I install the plugin, do I also need to setup a separate web server with access to say one of the shares? I'm sorry I'm just not familiar with it. I did take a look at the site for a second, so I'll go back and read a bit more I have never used it though.

    What is the correct way to save my configuration before I try to install any of the omv-extras? I thought there was a way to do it on the web interface, but I can't see anything like this. Maybe I was just thinking of a router, but if there is do let me know. Thanks.

    Hello again. I have finally installed omv 3 and have copied/moved my old nas files to it. Now I have a new question. I have finally been organizing or at least putting all my pictures in one share so they are easier for me to find and organize into folder, etc. I was just looking into getting secured web access to my nas, but I don't see a service for this? I just want to keep this simple for now. Will there be a service added to easily set this up or how and what is being used here? I want to try and stick with the nas default services for now since last time I tried installing omv-extras really did a number on the first install. Although It was a lower version than now. Still three, but since it's still in beta, this is the reason I don't want to mess too much with it and it's working fine now. I guess I was trying to figure out a way to access the pictures to also be able to organize them from elsewhere if I'm ever that bored or just view them on a tv, but well you get the idea. I also don't see a web plug in, but If I'm looking at the wrong thing do let me know. Thanks.

    Also, I noticed the forum doesn't have a secure login since the browser keeps telling me that. Is there a secure login for the forum? I'm assuming the passwords are being transmitted in plain text. Do correct me if I'm wrong. I just got this other error message trying to post this reply.

    Oh, I have no idea. That's what started happening once I installed omv extras. I am using firefox with an add blocker called ghostery which I'm also testing but have found to also block a few things I didnt' want blocked, but then I tried it with opera and edge and was still having the same problem. So I wiped it because I could not get back into omv at all, I then installed FreeNas on the same hard drive to test the speed and sure enough FreeNas works much faster meaning I can change from one thing to another without any problem. So I'm not sure if it's the version that is slow but there is definitely a difference when using the web gui. I'm just taking a look around then I may just test omv 2. I dont' think I've try that yet. I'm not liking this datasets on freenas or maybe I'm not used to that. I did create a raid five with two 500tb drives and one 2tb drive and just one account. I then share it just to test the accounts. So I haven't really don't too much on either other than try things out.

    From the top of my head I was testing the different home directories just to get an idea of how that worked in omv and manually disconnecting the drives to log in with a different user. I'm not sure if omv like that too much. Not configuring anything else that I can think of. Anyway I just wanted to verify that the system was working correctly from the hard drive and that' the reason I loaded FreeNas. And I understand that latest version is still in beta I'm not saying that's the reason just thought I mention those errors I ran into. So far I think that's all I've done.

    Or another option if you just wanted for downloads is to see if your router has a usb 3 port and the option to make downloads and just use that for your downloads which is all a web interface. I know some routers have that option then you can just keep using your nas as usual and not have to make another server. I know my netgear nas has that download app but I never use it. I think my router does too, but I never use it. I just use the program on my computer when I need it. I hardly download anything nowadays, specially with all the crap that's out there. Well, I just thought I mention it in case your router has that so you don't have to spend any more on something that you may not need to. Plus, one less computer running in your room is always a good thing unless you like the server room like music. Trust me, it gets old fast. The ddns is done by the router not your nas.

    I changed the hard drive, re-did the boot disk because for whatever reason if I cancel the install that always gets screwed up no matter what. If there's a way to keep that from happening that would be awesome. I then went ahead and did the updates and got an error towards the end, something about having a bad gateway. This was before I gave it a static ip. No biggie. I went back to the raid and still nothing. Rebooted and waited. I found the wipe otion under the physical drives and although it wouldn't let me do anything for a while, I re-booted and it looks like it started working again. I'm now using a 7200 rpm drive but some of these settings seems to take a bit to come up. Anyway after doing a quick wipe on each drive I can now make a raid 5. Just thought I mentioned it in case anyone else ends up with the same thing. I'm still wondering how I will be able to find the right drive if one goes bad since they seems to just be dev with each drives model number. If you know how this works let me know.

    I'm now trying to create a raid 5 but none of the hard drives show up. I have two 500gb and two 2tb hard drives. I can see the physical drives, but I can't make a raid 5 or anything because none of the drives show up under the raid management/create. It's all blank. I know I'm supposed to make a raid before making any shares, etc. Any info is welcome, thanks. I'm using ver 3.x.36 I think it was. I ejected all the hard drives and started putting them back in one at a time, and they show up fine in the physical drives page.

    I noticed there are a lot of updates. I tried updating 3.x.52 and all I get is errors, so I can't upgrade anything. Just thought I let you guys know. So it looks like 3 is not working at all. Now I get this pop up of "an error occured every time I try to check for updates."

    I may have spoken to early, omv stated that my OS drive had some bad sectors, but I only got this after trying upgrade all the updates that it had. I just changed the hard drive and will try again.

    I finally manage to install omv 3 and I have a couple of questions. On the temps which is nice to see on here, can that display both C and F temps at the same time like you see on the netgear nas? I thought I could upload pictures on here but I can't, so the pictures are at the bottom of this page.…as-case-8-build-fans.html

    The other question is, I would like have the nas turn off at night at a certain time and turn back on in the morning. Where can I do this if possible? I like to turn everything off at night when I'm not using it. Anyway, just checking out the temps for now, thanks. I think I found the schedule for this one. That is so cool, my nas schedule just shut it down like I wanted it to and so did my other nas. I like it! I can sleep like baby without all the noise from these things.
    I managed to shutdown just fine, but what's the correct way to have it turn on in the morning for example. Is it the same thing I have set up. It didn't turn on this morning at all. I then had to turn it on myself but also noticed that after I installed some hard drives, the boot drive had changed to one of the front data bays which is not what I wanted. A crud, I keep trying to upload a picture...anyway I have a reboot at 8 am, but that still didn't work. Obviously a reboot I'm assuming needs the nas to be on so that's not what I want.

    I was just checking the drives and all the drives are listed the same so if say drive 5 goes bad, how is that displayed in OMV? FreeNas would sat the actual bay number that was matched to my case and the bios. I can't see and easy way to read that on here, but maybe it's done another way. Please post if you know how omv numbers the drives since I noticed and I think I saw them starting from the number 1 which is not how the bios sees the drive bays.

    I was trying to save the configuration but I can't find a way to do this, how is this done in omv or is there a different way to do that here?

    Thanks, that helps. I guess I was thinking in line of how every nas lets you add hard drives one at a time after you create a raid with the first 3 drives to expand the available space. Obviously we can't all buy a bunch of drives at once so this is the reason I asked. I'm waiting for the holiday specials to see what drives go on sale since we are getting very close. I got a list of things I need this holiday season. :) I'm still waiting for that ide adapter to see if that will allow me to plug the ide hard drive to my nas so I can finally test omv.

    Can anyone tell me if omv will allow me to make a raid 5 array with three drives and expand it with a fourth drive later on or do I have to start with all four hard drives? Also, would I be able to expand each drive later on with a larger drives or will I need to remake the raid 5 array? I have some old ide hard drives that I will try to test the installation on since I had no luck with the usb drives but I'm waiting for a sata to ide adapter so i can test this out. I'm asking about the raid since I don't have any drives to install on the drive bays yet, but still waiting for the right price and since I want to do raid 5, I was wondering how omv deals with the raid. Thanks.

    Okay, I got most of the hardware together. I'm working on trying to get omv on the usb stick but I'm having problems getting the latest version installed. It seems to not want to install and eventually I end up going back to the same menus since I can't finish installing omv and then when I cancel or reboot, the usb stick has to be re-formatted and I have to use the program to make the boot disk again. I'm not sure what I'm missing but any help with this is appreciated or links to getting this installed correctly. I have tried two different usb sticks and still get the same thing so I'm not sure if maybe it's what I'm doing that's wrong. Either way if you guys can point me in the right direction I would appreciate that or if it's me doing something wrong feel free to chime in and correct me. I'm not sure what's going on. Here's the link to what I have been doing.…-s8-nas-case-3-build.html