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    Thank you for this explanation but right now I cannot add a share with the GUI, like the pic at beginning of the thread without crashing the whole thing.


    Starting on new install this time NFS server running now the hard part the client

    Regarding NFS and pardon my ignorance sine in the meantime I am testing from192.168.2.30 to on an old i386 computer I enabled NFS on both, I made a share for my media with access to the client I gave RW extra option says subtree_check,insecure but so far I cannot see the share folder on the remote OMV

    can it be done from the GUI or should I use the CLI?


    After an other reboot I think I did again docker install although they says installed and not running got a message path changed and now they are running

    after checking the mods in lib/systemd/system/docker.service to extend the the interval time was gone probably when I did docker uninstall

    Edit 2

    Now portainer see only one container but I Can see at /srv/dev-disk-by-label-WD_10TB_1/docker/container they are sill there!

    Edit 3

    after reboot path was gone again

    Did the install again, now got connected to my containers finally.

    Definitely something wrong with the docker service!

    OMV crashed today after rebooting I am unable to run docker they are located at /srv/dev-disk-by-label-WD_10TB_1/docker status says Installed and not running I tried resarting docker got Restarting docker ...

    >>> *************** Error ***************

    Failed to execute command 'export PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin; export LANG=C.UTF-8; echo "Restarting docker ..." && systemctl restart docker.service ': Restarting docker ...

    <<< *************************************

    I removed docker and reinstalled them got errors see the log included

    At this point I am just pulling my hair any help would be appreciated!

    What you can do is have the cert on one device and use its webserver to forward certain addresses to the second device

    let's say I have got going to192.168.2.30 how exactly I forward the certificate to, is it from the emby.subdomain.conf I assuming by changing this line proxy_pass; by proxy_pass;

    Is there a way to keep two emby.subdomain.conf with 2 addresses in case I want to go back to the other OMV?

    And my php I use port 444 I do not use doker compose it might be different for you but dot forget I think you need to be able to login in your nextcloud locally before doing anything else

    here the way it should be 2048 is ok if you are not using arm processor otherwise 1024

    I am using a rockpro64 but basically hardware transcoding is not possible I ran into this guide…icksync-and-nvenc/1408and I am really interested to go this way since Intel with its quiksync look like the way to go.

    So they are two options, just get an hp prodesk mini,micro or similar and share my hard dives between the two OMV boxes (not sure yet how to do that with mount point etc..) or get rid of the arm OMV and get a bigger intel desktop where I could attach my drives, but I am pretty sure I prefer the first option in term of purchase cost, energy,noise and redundancy since I got 2 systems instead of one so I really need advice from the experts about what to do ?

    Hi, I did everything as written in the macom guide, but when I want to go on I get error 404

    When I go to I get welcome screen OMV 5

    How I can fix it? How I can go welcome screen Nextcloud?

    Well it is working in a way since land on your OMV login page! LOL

    Sorry not sure if I understood, the file system is on an microsd anyway after each restart no portainer installed if I click install and click on open web it land on a page : the site can't be reached. since ths portainer as you can see in my jpeg above is not attached to port 9000.