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    Ok, done a bit more digging.

    I copied some of the flac files to a Windows 10 PC also on the network.

    These were visible and playable in BubbleUPnP, so the issue isn't with the files or the client (BubbleUPnP) but probably with the server (minidlna on OMV).

    Do I need to do something to ensure that flac files are indexed?

    Any suggestions gratefully received.


    I've been accessing mp3 and wma from a OMV drive with no issues for a while.

    I've recently started using the flac format. When I'm using BubbleUPnP UPnP/DLNA to browse media the flac files don't show up (others formats do). I can see the files using a standard file explorer.

    I'm trying to troubleshoot at the moment and work out where the issue is. Any known difficulties using flac with minidlna?


    Thanks for all the advice, very helpful and has given me a starting point. Unfortunately Christmas is getting in the way at the moment, so I'll have to get back to this another time. I might have a few follow up questions then.

    I know they won't be as energy efficient but is there any similar x86 hardware around for me to compare with?

    My understanding is that the atom processors have pretty much been killed off.

    Thanks for the link, very useful.

    If, rather than getting low energy, the main things I was looking to address was
    - low cost
    - include usb3
    - include gigabit ethernet

    Would I be correct in saying that from that list the Odroid would be my best option?

    Well i missed the deal, but maybe that's a good thing. I've since seen some other comments about issues with Linux and cherrytrail. Will try and look into it some more.

    Has anyone got OMV running on a Alfawise X5 Mini PC Intel Atom X5-Z8350 2GB DDR3 (or similar)?

    These are currently on sale for 30GBP and look like they might be suitable for a simple setup.


    I wasn't planning to, but it's connected to my tv as a monitor. I normally run headlessly over ssh, but sometimes would be more convenient to connect directly and I have a mini Bluetooth keyboard I could use rather than keep a full size usb one next to my tv. No worries, it's not a big issue.

    Thanks again

    Ah ok, that should mean that I'm all up to date then... back to the drawing board.

    Thanks for the quick answer.

    I know this is a non-OMV issue, but I don't supposed you've tested Bluetooth on your image? On mine it doesn't recognise that the device is there. It seems to be an issue lots of people are having on other distros. There are lots of 'fixes' but they all suggest something different.

    Normally I use the webgui for any updates to OMV.

    However, I've got an issue with Bluetooth unit on my RPi3. From looking at the RPi forums it is possible that performing "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" might help solve my issue.

    My question is, will this be ok to run with the omv image? (sorry if this is the wrong place to ask)

    @ryecoaaron - I assume you're the best person to ask about this

    Update on this, system seems to be up and running (still with a few niggles) but I've completely given up on wifi. I suspect that this is an RPi3 issue and not OMV. I'd constantly get network connections dropping meaning I couldn't ssh in to troubleshoot. Without a connected screen I had to blindly use a keyboard to reboot. Since moving to a wired connection I've not had any network issues.

    Not sure which change made it work but I can now connect via Android client. Just in case this helps someone else here are my working settings.
    Enable: Y
    Port: 1194
    Protocol: UDP
    Use compression: Y
    PAM authentication: Y
    Default gateway: Y
    Client to client: Y
    DNS server:
    DNS search domain:
    WINS server: blank
    Public address: my ip / domain name redirect

    This is pretty much the default setting, but it wasn't working originally... it now does :-)

    Apologies for resurrecting such an old thread, if there's a more recent answer could you please point me in the right direction.

    I'm trying to set up openvpn and am coming across an issue, my openvpn client just says 'looking up DNS name' and never gets further. I'm running omv 3.0.41 on an RPi3.

    I've set up port forwarding on my router and am using duckdns as my DDNS service. DDNS is working as I've tested access to another port for another device.

    On the main webgui setup page there are four boxes; general settings (default options kept), vpn network (default options kept), dhcp settings (added and, public (added my ddns address).

    After this I created a certificate for my username, downloaded and imported the .opvn file to my client. Finally I added the username to the openvpn group on omv.

    Have I missed something out, or should I be changing some of those default values?

    I've managed to get vpn working in the past for a different OS on the RPi, so I know it should be possible.

    Thanks in advance for any pointers.

    Ah ok, that's disappointing but thanks for the clarification. I was confused from the posts earlier in this thread because I hadn't realised that the difference between the distros meant it wouldn't work for 3.x.

    I guess the server doesn't need to be physically connected to the hard drives, so I could look at running a plex server (or similar) on another network device.