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    I would like to thank ruru69 also for the guide. I tried Cockpit VM and didn't like it but I have been using vbox for many years so I may be biased.

    admin/admin is the default for a new install to log into the phpVirtualBox web interface.
    After logging in to the web interface go to file > preference > users and change the users as you wish.

    I have created a VM and so far it has worked ok.

    I still have 2 issues
    vboxweb-services does not start on reboot. I have to start it manually but otherwise everything works fine.
    If I try and save a shared Folder mount in the VM settings. phpVirtualBox crashes when I try and save the VM. I worked around this by adding the mount to the fstab inside the VM.

    I think the issue is with DTS HD audio maybe. Is there something I have to install onto my NAS to force it to transcode just the audio file?

    Is logging into how I'm supposed to be able to change all of my settings? Because this seems very limited in what I can do to my server. For instance, I want to allow access from outside of my network. Guides tell me Settings > Server > Remote Access. I click on the Settings icon in the top right (wrench and screwdriver) but there is no Server option to click from there. So where is this option located?

    Yes that is the correct address. On the left menu you should see section headings <Your Login Name>, Plex Web, <Your Server Name> Status, Settings. Under settings you should see Remote Access.

    I ran into the same errors as Toppi after following the instruction from Message 38.

    I will be upgrading several systems should I add apt-get purge php7.0-common to the instructions just after apt-get purge openmediavault-omvextrasorg

    Purging PHP 7.0 after the upgrade breaks OMV5 forcing a reinstall of the OMV plugin and running the omv-salt commands as Toppi suggested. It works just looking for a cleaner way if possible.

    After booting to a Live Debian the drive is on its way out.. Read write errors, sector errors. Switched SATA cables and ports but it didn't help..
    Time to re-install and see if I can keep the Plex database...

    The plex install is via the omv-extras plugin and the database is on the data drive. In the past I have attempted to point to the plex database but it never worked. It always recreated the database which took days to finish. I may have to try again later today.

    Thanks for the link. I have tried the first method and am about to attempt one of the USB live methods later today.

    I don't think the Heat sink did it either.. Reading some forum's it has been reported with a hardware change but why after the second boot with the new processor. Weird..

    Been running OMV for many years.. Since OMV2.. Installed new processor the other day to an i7 4th gen booted up and everything was fine. Ran for 2 days but needed a better CPU heat sink since trans-coding multiple plex streams was putting the CPU temp near max.
    Today I received my new cpu heat sink. Shutdown server. Installed new CPU heat sink.. Rebooted and it went to initramfs.
    Pulled all data drives started back up with just the OS drive.. Now at Grub rescue..

    I can see the files in (hd0,msdos5)/boot/grub but don't know what to edit or change.

    When running "set" at Grub Rescue prompt everything looks fine.

    Anyone have an idea or place where I can do more research or should I just re-install? ughhh.
    Re-install isn't that bad but I have never been able to get the plex database to remain OK after a re-install..



    ZanosG - Sorry to hear your experience with OMV was not smooth. I have been running OMV for about 3 years now without any issues. The PC's in our house are all windows and never had an issue with shares as long as they were setup correctly with the correct permissions. Take care..

    If you don't delete the database folder plex doesn't have to rescan. The database isn't corrupted.

    When you install upgrades it changes the directory where it thinks the plex database is but in reality it is in a different directory.
    Edit the file each time you install an upgrade and you should be fine. 30 second fix.
    I will live with it till I upgrade to OMV4.

    I did some investigating and I think I have a solution but I don't know if it works yet since I haven't installed an upgrade.

    edit this file /etc/default/plexmediaserver

    Change the following lines to your database directory.. According to the code it adds the "/Library/Application Support" to the path below.

    # uncomment to set it to something else
    export PLEX_MEDIA_SERVER_APPLICATION_SUPPORT_DIR="/media/0f066dc4-2296-4e77-92c2-78dcb9625c2a/plexmediaserver"

    Hi gderf

    I am using the standard version Plex that is automatically installed with OMV.
    I understand that I am not taking advantage of the early access to updates but I did get the ability to do the following once I got a plex pass.

    Sync media to devices within plex app, access to my server from remote and Plex cloud.
    Other features like Plex Mix and User control are not in the version installed by OMV. These two features I am not interested in.

    Hello Massini72

    I am not running your exact setup. I have plexpass but my plex server is on OMV3.
    Everything should work fine. I am not using any Plex Channels or Live TV so I cant say that they will work but I do connect to a variety of devices (ipad, Iphone, Android, Roku, PC) streaming offsite and syncing to the devices works also. Plex Cloud and logging into Plex.TV you can see your server.

    I assume you already setup "Shared folders" and such in OMV.

    Short Guide...
    Install the plugin > Go to services and Select your Database volume > Enable Service and save..
    Go to the OMV dashboard and make sure the Service is enabled and running.

    The next step is to go to http://your OMV IP address:32400/web/index.html and define your libraries and start setting everything up.

    I used the: IO Crest 4 Port SATA III PCI-e 2.0 x 1 4-port Marvell 88SE9215
    Installed in PC and booted.. Worked without any issues. Can't be used for the boot drive.

    Read the reviews and questions on Amazon for the performance. Good info..


    I am just guessing but are your permissions correct for the Plex user for your plex library folder? "/usr/lib/plex mediaserver/Plex Media Server"

    Also is the folder "/usr/lib/plex mediaserver/Plex Media Server" correct for your library?