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    I'm suffering from the same issue, only noticed today.

    I did not try to install any package, or unknowingly.

    First I had to reinstall openmediavault to recover the /var/www/openmediavault files

    sudo apt-get install --reinstall openmediavault

    Then the omv-engined wasn't started and the service was even masked :

    systemctl unmask openmediavault-engined
    systemctl start openmediavault-engined

    Once done, it seems to work fine. I'll update again if i notice anything suspicious.

    One quick and dirty fix is to comment the block after "Exit here if the rrdtool service is disabled." in /usr/sbin/omv-mkgraph (lines 29-31).
    That file will be overwritten by the config but at least that'll do until vdev creates a proper fix.
    Reported on bug tracker #1628

    Same issue here. Trying the omv-firstaid but to no avail :


    root@nas:/usr/sbin# omv-firstaid
    Checking all RRD files. Please wait ...
    All RRD database files are valid.

    The rrd stopped working more or less at 1:30pm GMT yesterday.