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    I finally managed to run openvpn docker transmission with a "custom provider"
    I will try to explain what I did but I have bad English.

    We will take the example that I have my 4 files

    I just edit in the test.ovpn file (with notepad ++)
    ca testca.crt <=> ca /etc/openvpn/custom/test.crt
    key test.key <=> key /etc/openvpn/custom/test.key
    cert test.crt <=> cert /etc/openvpn/custom/test.crt

    After in the AppData shared folder I created an OpenVPN/test/ folder

    In OpenVPN/test/ I put my 4 files

    I created to another folder in AppData/OpenVPN/test/default.ovpn/
    In this folder I created a file named default.ovpn
    With notepad ++ I edit it and I just write test.ovpn at the first line
    So I have AppData/OpenVPN/test/default.ovpn/default.ovpn

    The configuration of the docker is exactly the same as in the video, I just added

    I do not have user or password set to "dummy"

    In Hostpath Container Path
    /sharedfoldersAppData/OpenVPN/test/default.ovpn <=> /etc/openvpn/custom/default.ovpn
    /sharedfolders/AppData/OpenVPN/test <=> /etc/openvpn/custom

    For me it works


    I run Omv 2 for about more than one year without problem, I saw OMV3 is ready

    I tried it in a virtual machine and .....

    Why backup plugin is changed ? ( Clonezilla .... ?? ) how to restore a backup with this new backup plugin ?

    What about Emby plugin ? never ?

    It is not possible without troubles to upgrade omv2 to omv3 and now plugins are changed and not the same, I have to learn all one more time and do all my config (users .... ) by hand :/ .

    Omv2 will be not supported in my opinion in few weeks or months ....


    Hi, and thanks for the answer

    I reinstall all since beginning ( fresh install OMV 2 )

    1 - I do all the Update Manager update
    2 - I Install "openmediavault-omvextrasorg_latest_all.deb"
    3 - I Install Extra and activate Download Manager and Download Manager Testing Repo
    3 - I Install Backports Kernel and Reboot
    4 - I Install omv-sensors
    5 - I Activate all Items sensors except Fahrenheit
    6 - I reboot a second time

    All it working, I post the files, maybe you can see something, I don't know what I make wrong on the first OMV install

    Thanks for all


    I'm new and I have a problem with sensors my Motherboard is a Asus Aximus Formula ( Chipset X38 ) a can't have graph sensors working.

    My error is " omv-mkconf sensors balls 2>&1 " I have this error in OMV 2.X and 3.X ... I spend a lot of hours try to mke working but nothing I don't understand

    command line sensors work fine

    Here my output from the command line sh -x /usr/share/openmediavault/mkconf/sensors

    If you have a solution thanks and sorry for my bad English


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