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    when you get the new system booted and setup run the following via command line, should pick up the RAID right away.

    mdadm --assemble --scan

    also, make sure that the daemon is running. I have dealt with and seen SMB issues with anything running 3.x.xx. if you are planning on using that service, If you are just run the following command
    (this only applies if the daemons status is active(exiting).

    mv /sbin/start-stop-daemon.REAL /sbin/start-stop-daemon

    This should help you out... i noticed you daemon for smbd was active (exiting), should be active (running)

    just run the following command as sudo

    mv /sbin/start-stop-daemon.REAL /sbin/start-stop-daemon

    let me know if that is your fix.


    Before I post some snapshots and log files. I figure I would start at the problem and go from there and provide information as it is needed.

    - I installed a fresh version of OMV 3.X on a barebones PC (160GB) drive for the main OS.
    - I created user1 with full control (admin rights)
    - Created a filesystem for testing purposes 2TB in size
    - Enabled SMB/CIFs and setup all my shares and permissions

    I have been running OMV 3.X for over a year. But have come across a need for more power. So i am trying to move from a RPi3 to a server that can handle what i am throwing at it for growth purposes.

    Now my issue is that once I completed the basic ground work for the shares, i then try to map the drive in Windows 10 and am unable to connect to the SMB service. I have zero issues with this on my RPi.

    The error is NETWORK LOGON FAILED (the creds for the user1 are correct and the shares are enabled)
    Am i missing something? This all is pretty straightforward stuff especially since 99% of it is setup via WEBGUI.

    - Joe