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    Things are worst now :'(

    monit[1253]: 'rootfs' space usage 100.0% matches resource limit [space usage>95%]

    I'm out of space, that's weird because i'm only running transmission ans couchpotato and plex on my RPi 3, is it normal that those services needs that much of space (only 18 movies) ?

    I tried apt-get remove/clean, cleaned all the syslog inputs, but nothing changed

    My plex media server isn't working anymore
    Transmission can't keep downloading because there is no space left

    Omv is installed on a first partition on my sd card 4/128 Giga, wich it means there a lot of available space to extend the 'device' OMV, reseizing it will be enough or this partition will keep getting bigger ?

    Is there a way to extend it without formatting all the sd card and setting up all the OMV from scratch ?

    is there some 'temporary folders' to empty or anything to do to free more space maybe ?

    While looking for a fix, i found this Re: Space usage matches resource limit

    Here is my outputs :

    For the monitoring, I enabled it, then refreshed the page, but still getting sad smileys and an error message :

    Any ideas how to fix those issues ?

    Hi All,

    Im a linux noob, i started using OMV (3.0.) on my RPi3, while checking the logs, I found those enries.

    I tried to search for the issues on the forum but I cant find anything helpful

    Btw, in the perf statistics tab, there is no informations or graphics, there is only a big sad smiley :(

    Any Ideas ?

    Here is the logs :

    Hi all,

    I just installed OMV plex plugin, i got the repo from this thread : [GUIDE] Plex Media Server on Raspberry Pi 3

    Plex has been installed succesfully, i can acces plex media server dlna and from my samsung smart tv and i'm able to play movies.

    But from my browsers, its seems impossible to play anything, and i got this error message :

    Conversion failed. The transcoder crashed or failed to start up.

    I unistalled and then installed the plugin again (and again) but i'm still enable to play any medias from my browser.

    Can anyone Help please ?

    BTW :

    I'm using :

    OMV 3.0.51 (Erasmus)
    OMV-extras 3.4.6
    Plex repo :

    Can anyone help me to fix this please ?

    Nope. The package maintainer stopped maintaining it. So, plex on the RPi is dead in the water.

    If you update to omv-extras 3.4.6, you just need to do what is in the attached pic.

    Hi @ryecoaaron

    I updated OMV-extra to 3.4.6 and added the repo, now plexmediaserver has been succesfully installed, i spent the last 4 days looking for a solution

    Plex is installed and i added my media folders, but when i tray to play from my browser, i got this error :

    Conversion failed. The transcoder crashed or failed to start up.

    Any ideas how can i fix it please ?