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    Hi All

    I'm running OMV on a HP Proliant 540L microserver which is running nicely but I'd like to swap out one of the hard disks and wanted to check the best way of doing so.

    I'm not using RAID so the disk is just mounted and with a few shared folders on it.

    My assumption is that I need to remove the shared folders before removing the disk so OMV doesn't try to find them and get upset when it can't? Do I need to do this individually for each occurrence of where it is shared ie SAMBA, FTP etc?

    Once that's done is there any thing else I need to do before I can safely remove the disk?


    I'm using an HP Proliant micro server, there's a prompt on the screen connected to the server telling me about the default password openmediavault

    Bizarrely I've just tried to log into the webif again and this time it's worked, i have literally no idea why but for now it seems ok. ?(?(

    There is plenty of space left on the system drive, and I've enabled ssh so hopefully in future it will be easier to see what's going on.

    Sorry for not coming back on here for so long, I posted the thread then life got in the way and I've not been able to get anywhere near a pc for ages.

    Not able to log in via ssh, so I've hooked up a monitor and keyboard but I cant put in df -h as I can't get logged in on there either. Not quite sure how to proceed now?

    I have been able to see that I'm on version 2.2.13 if that makes any difference.

    HI All

    I've had OMV running on an HP Micro server for a few months and all has been pretty well , all my shares are working fine etc, however when I went to login to the GUI the other day it kept telling me my username or password were wrong, which I'm certain they're not.

    I've tried logging in via SSH using putty but I keep getting a "network error: connection refused" message

    I'm a total newbie when it comes to linux etc and now I'm completely stumped as to what to do,I've read various other threads and seen mention of the system drive being full but I've no idea what I can do to find out if this is the case if I can't get logged in.

    Any help or suggestions would be very gratefully received.


    Only reason I was thinking of testing with a different drive is that I have one laying around which I could just pop in there.

    If it works on there I'll get myself a new drive for my final installation.

    My fear is that it won't work on a the other drive either in which case I'm stumped... seems odd that it worked fine initially.

    It's a second hand 250gb drive that came with the server, the other drive I have (it's a 3tb Toshiba), I removed for the installation so I knew I was definitely installing on the correct drive

    I thought about trying to install on another hard drive to see if it's the disc that's the issue. which would essentially be the same as what you're saying wouldn't it?

    1) Yes, I managed to get logged in with the default password and the webif seemed ok, had it not been for having the monitor plugged in I wouldn't have known about the errors

    2) I didn't change it no, I noticed the stream of errors and just went to the logs bit and downloaded the syslog

    3) Version 2.0 (I did select it in the thread creation... ;)

    4) Not sure, I'll have to check that

    5) Video card was in there when I got it, gives an hdmi and DVI output (which I've been using to hook it up to a monitor. I don't really need it in there.


    I just got myself an HP N40l which I intend to install OMV on to be my media store. The server I have has been upgraded to 8gb ram and has a video card installed. It has a 250gb drive in the 5.25" bay at the top and a 3tb drive in the first drive bay.

    On Wednesday I used a usb stick to install OMV on the 250gb and all seemed to go ok, I got users and groups and network shares set up fine and installed a couple of plugins, one of which failed a couple of times before I got it to work by installing manually.

    Last night I started the server with a view to setting up the plugins however I couldn't log into the webif despite definitely using the correct username and password. I hooked up a monitor to the server to see if there was anything to see and was presented with a stream of error messages. I wondered if ti might have something to do with the failed plugin installs so decided to start again from scratch.

    I tried a reinstall which failed due to existing files being found on the drive I was installing to so I used a live Gparte usb and deleted everything on the drive ready to start again.

    This time it failed when trying to install grub, though it gave the option to retry which I did and it seemed to work and everything else did so too and all seemed well. I rebooted and it seemed ok, I could log in to the webif from my pc and it seemed alright but on the monitor on the server I was getting a constant stream of errors so I downloaded the syslog, an example of the stream of errors is below and I have attached the syslog

    If anyone could give me an idea of what the problem might be I would be very grateful as I don't know what I'm looking at really or what the problem might be. Having got the serer and drive secondhand I'd quite like to get to the bottom of it asap as if it's something major I'll be needing to contact the seller to get it sorted.

    I should also point out that I am a total noob when it comes to linux (or any coding/command line stuff) so any advice could do with being really simply spelt out for me... :/

    Thanks for any help anyone can give me.