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    FWIW, if I need a graphical file manager, I fire up terminal and ssh -X to the box. Once in, I start thunar. Of course for X11 forwarding to work you'll need some basic X11 components installed on the server and you'll need an X11 environment on your client machine. Windows users can use Putty and Xming.

    This solution is not web-based! And it's not multiplatform and not to handle for anyone.... the Goal is to set up a family share fo everyone.

    Hey! As I already found out, there is not iTunes/DAAP plugin available anymore... so my question is, is it possible to set up an iTunes/daap Server by console on the Linux system of omv or is there any other plugin for synching and backup my iPhone?


    I'm also very interested in this topic. My idea also was to use NextCloud, but there's no Integration of the existing file system, right? So u need to duplicate everything and put it in the NC data folder? Otherwise it would be great. Nobody has a solution?

    I installed the MiniDLNA plugin version 3.3.10 and started it. I added a video folder and then started the scan for the media. I followed this tutorial exactly…na-plugin-openmediavault/

    In th syslog i get the following error:

    Jul 2 00:46:13 skynetnas systemd[1]: Starting LSB: minidlna server...
    Jul 2 00:46:13 skynetnas minidlna[14925]: [2017/07/02 00:46:13] minidlna.c:613: error: Media directory "V,/media/f842ff45-c949-4f5a-ad2b-0bc1fe5cacff/video" not accessible [Permission denied]
    Jul 2 00:46:13 skynetnas systemd[1]: Started LSB: minidlna server.

    I did give MiniDLNA group the permission for video directory in ACL settings but it doesn't help. I rebooted OMV, I reinstalled MiniDLNA but nothing helped.

    Is it possbile that there is a generel problem with my "users" group? I cant see the "users" group in the Access Rights Management under groups. Its not possible to create the group "users".


    I'm suggest that don't use the OC plugin b/c it's an obsolete version, and it not updating anymore.
    You need to install NextCloud manually, then follow the OwnCloud tutorial.
    Alter your settings accordingly for NextCloud.


    thx for this but nextcloud without ssl doesn't make any sense. my question is, is it possible to install apache2 for NC on omv or do u know a way to get a ssl certificate for nginx?

    thank you!

    This can be the problem with newer boards sometimes. I'm guessing it needs a boot time parameter changed and/or try the 4.8 kernel from stretch (should be in jessie-backports soon but not yet).
    dpkg -i linux-image-4.8.0-1-amd64-unsigned_4.8.7-1_amd64.deb

    This is the same kernel version that Ubuntu 16.10 uses.

    Thank you so much! Now it seems to work perfectly!

    Please tell me what kind of problems do u have and which version you tried to install. I did nothing special in the Bios settings. Don't had any problems using the 16.10. amd64 Desktop version. Made an bootable USB Stick with rufus, changed to boot from USB (not UEFI) and installed it. Works even parallel to OMV.

    Ok I managed to install OMV 3 and added the 4.7 Kernel. But when I'm booting OMV and choose Kernel 4.7 in GRUB OMV is not booting. After initializationing ramdisk there is only a cursor blinking on a black screen and nothing happens. Waited for 10 min already.

    Ok thank you very much so far! I first will try to install OMV 3 the normal way even it is very slow again.

    As u seem to be an OMV expert, can u tell me if there is any intern file browser for OMV? I'm used to DSM from Synology which is very comfortable and has an internal file browser to move files which sometimes is necessary. Also I'm missing a plugin for IPSec VPN server. The only thing i saw is OpenVPN, is that correct?

    I got the new ASRock J3455-ITX board to build up my own NAS with OMV. I tried to install OMV 3 but I got no chance to pass the installation because it was so very slow. I think it is because of the Debian 8 system, which does not support the Intel Apollo Lake Processors.

    Instead of OMV 3 I installed OMV 2, which seemed to work but the performance is very bad. For instance i can't get full download speed with NZBGet. I installed Ubuntu 16.10 besides OMV 2 on the same system and the perfomence is great.

    I think the problem is the Kernel. Is that right? Is there any chance to get an OMV 3 verison with the lates Kernel that Ubuntu uses? Any other ideas? Will there be an version of OMV which supports the new Apollo Lake Processors? I think they are great for NAS systems!

    Thank you!