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    Hey vcdwelt,
    It is probably (99%) permissions problem. Eventually you pointed wrong path to webroot
    If acme challenge fails you have to check permissions.
    IDK how you build your wwwroot (for me 2 avoid problems each wbsite I host have separate shared folder created via OMV web-ui with permissions for www-data user and group full access and rest full access also)
    Challenge create new folders and files in webroot directory, s it also need permissions :)

    @ryecoaaron I'm looking forward for this update! It's perfect functionality, wished by most of us!

    @phanter I'm not sure where you configured SSL to OMV web interface. But looking at your error you should look in
    for SSL block for OMV web-ui and remove it.
    Do it from SSH (install nano)

    There is block (standard settings 'coz I use SSL only for eternal access and configured it via proxy-pass):
    # SSL Settings

    ssl_protocols TLSv1 TLSv1.1 TLSv1.2; # Dropping SSLv3, ref: POODLE
    ssl_prefer_server_ciphers on;

    If you have there some additional rows, delete them and restore default (upper)
    I'm also not 100% if this is only one place where you can search for SSL config for OMV web-ui
    @ryecoaaron could you advice?

    If you will need more help ask me.

    If you play with certificates always remember to remove them from all used places before deleting - this will prevent future issues!

    Hello dear Developers,
    I've started using Subsonic plugin, before I was using by-hand installed version

    I can see backup button but when I click on it nothing happens.
    Could you advice me how to use it or eventually check if it is not bugged?

    Thanks in advance!

    Please consider RAID1 with 2x 4TB WD Red + SSD for system drive, pendrive is bad idea, it will die faster and perform worse than HDD.
    Also you should look on boards with integrated CPU, it will cost less than MB+CPU but performance will be same or even better.

    As almost all admitted, RAID is not a backup, so buy external HDD and make backups - this is simple data safety, recovery and so on. RAID is useful only when your HDD is dying.

    So basicly,
    Please create Shared Folder in OMV WebUI, set it OWNER and GROUP to www-data, with permissions 770.
    Also point this created share in NC as DATA folder (this should be done when 1st time NC is configured, else you need to modify NC config file)
    After creating user via NC admin panel user will have full rights in its own directory. No other things to do.

    If you used english I would help, I maintain OC and NC instances on my OMV.
    Both are fully configured, no errors etc but I can't understand what are you writing about :)

    Regarding integration with OMV - OC/NC are installed, users are managed from NC/OC admin panel, no need any actions in OMV to get it working.
    I was also using NC plugin to let login users through they FTP/SMB/LDAP accounts but only LDAP is reliable here, 1st two generate a lot of problems

    OMV v3 is maintained and still alive, v2 is unsupported.

    It is better to use OMV v3.

    Regarding your error - it says dependencies are missing. You can try to install those via terminal and then install plugin - should help :)

    There is XXXXXXX threads about upgrades. Searching doesn't hurt.

    Best practice is to make copy of your SYS HDD, run it in virtual environment and then upgrade. You will see by your own what you should do to minimize risk.
    Most OMV 2 plugins are not ported to OMV 3 or 4. You can compare available plugin from your main OMV 2 installation with those available in virtualized OMV 3 or 4 installation.