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    I upgraded to OMV 3.0, and just installed Docker. I want to use a Emby container which will take care of my movies and TV series.
    In OMV, I have got two folders : one for movies and one for series. So, I configured the container to access these folders like this :

    However, when I run Emby and configure it to point on my movie and TV folders, nothing is scanned. It seems it is a problem of read/write access ; this is weird because I enable the access of my folder for docker. What is wrong?

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    PS : I also tried with Plex, and the same problem occur.

    For 3 it doesn't work... For 2 I've never had any problems since yesterday. But today that Problem doesn't appear anymore ;-)

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    Now I don't have the error anymore but I'm getting this :

    Sorry for late reply, I was at work


    I want to install Emby but I can't get it to work. I'm using OMV 2.2.13.

    When I install Emby after enabling Mono in reposotory, I get the following error :

    However, Emby appear in the services, as you can see in emby.png. When I try to force update, I get the error in error_forcing_update.png

    I can't use the web client.

    I already post in Emby forums but they told me to come to this thread. Please help. Thanks !