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    What questions do you have? I originally added it because it was a newer kernel than the Debian kernel. Since proxmox is basically the Ubuntu kernel with Debian userland, I knew adding it to OMV (which is Debian too) would be very good. I'm a big Ubuntu fan and the Ubuntu kernel gets you a newer, more stable kernel than the Debian backports kernel in my opinion.

    That pretty much answers what I was thinking. Thank you for that.

    You shouldn't see the Kernel tab at all on an RPi.

    My server runs my omv 5.x dev VM which I do plenty of testing the KVM on. So, yes, nested virtualization works fine.

    The omv-extras feature only installs the proxmox kernel. You can't install proxmox and omv on the same system. That is why I wrote the kvm plugin. It is simpler than proxmox, but still uses kvm just like proxmox (although no lxc).

    So yes on the RPi no Kernel Tab that's a good thing because then I would be very confused. The proxmox kernel thing still has me puzzled but I will do some more research.

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    It installs the Proxmox Kernel (not Proxmox). But not on RPi, only on amd64.

    The Proxmox kernel has some advantage, if you use zfs as filesystem.

    I figured as much, I knew it wouldn't on RPi sorry I should have clarified that. Thanks for your response.


    Hello Guys,

    I have been playing around with the Docker and Portainer in OMV 5.6.xx. I also understand that the Docker and Portainer builds are the CE version. I actually have an 8 tb NAS built on a Raspberry Pi 4 with OMV 5.x.xx, However I am puzzled by this in the OMV Extras:

    What does the above actually do? My assumption is it installs Proxmox or just makes the Libraries available in the current kernel? Am I even close? This puzzles me because I have an OMV built on a Proxmox v7 VM and this would allow for nested virtualization would it not?


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    No, I meant did you set physical disk properties and wipe them in the GUI under Storage/Disks?

    No Sir I did not, I am doing that now, after reading a bunch of posts about it, I figured it out just before I went to bed. I will let ya know. So I think I got it taken care of. I wiped the drives in the GUI and then created a file system for each. I believe I am good to go. Yup that did the trick, Thank you again for pointing me in the right direction. I do Appreciate it.

    Did you wipe them first in disks tab?

    Yes sir I did, I made sure they didn't have anything at all. Used gparted on them. Thank you for responding so quick. I am still investigating and going through logs, I will let you know what I find. For anyone else who runs into this issue here is what was done disappearing disk after filesystem creation. I ended up doing the slower secure wipe. I will let you know the out come. Also I believe you are right I thought I completely wiped it, but it still had something from TrueNAS on it.

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    Hello Everyone,

    Not sure exactly what's going on here but I added 3 Physical drives to my OMV 5 Server and when I try to create a file system on them 2 of them disappear. I have a screenshot so you can see but not sure how to add it here. Sorry real new to these forums.

    what happens is under create file system I choose /dev/sdb1 and then format it ext4 and then hit ok after <> I choose the disk add a label and the ext4 filesystem it acts like it is working fine goes through the process and at the it says created successfully but doesn't add it to the list of devices? <>Does any one have any ideas or are you having the same issue?

    OMV5 Image - v5.5.23-1 (Usul)

    Disks - <>

    /dev/sdc1 added fine

    /dev/sdb1 won't add goes through the process though

    /dev/sdd1 won't add either goes through the process as well.

    Not sure what to do or what to look for.