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    For those who have trouble with accessing shares from a Win10 machine with a different login and can't logout, try this:…c-path-drives-in-windows/ and reboot (A shutdown won't work because of the "fast boot" option with Win 10).

    Also, maybe you accidentally made available offline a folder from your share (with the wrong login) [yeah, I messed around big time my initial setup. It's great for learning tought], you can flush the sync data from the Configuration panel -->the Sync Center, under "Manage offline files" [Screen capture in French: "Gérer les fichiers hors connexion". Deactivate and clear your offlines files and reboot (A reboot and not a shut down).
    The Sync Center was always connecting to my shares with my initial login and the command "net use" was reporting nothing with my machine...

    Below a screen capture from the sync center after I reset everything.