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    I've got OMV running on an Rpi 3 - I mainly use it as a NAS and Plex server.

    We had an electrician in during the week and I forgot to power down before he switched the electricity off!

    Now that its back I can't get the Rpi to respond at all - I've tried powering it up several times but it's not getting an IP address so I can't get into OMV at all.

    Is there a way that I can fix this? it likely that I have to do a re-build?


    I also run into problems using Duplicati installed from repro with Onedrive. It uploaded 10-20GB then it usually stops. After restarting the job, it hangs with "verifyfing backend data".

    I now switched to the docker image of duplicati and it seems to work great. It uploaded 80GB over night without any problems. Duplicati has 50GB to go and then the backup is complete.

    That's interesting - I tried upgrading to OMV4 as I read another thread that suggested the OMV4 version worked - but I had trouble with that too - something to do with the tmp folder.

    I've installed Docker and installed and ran the Duplicati image, but I can't get it to run - if I go to OMV.IP:8200 nothing happens.
    Am I doing something wrong in Docker? I can see Duplicati in the bottom section of the Docker screen and it says 'Running' - do I need to do something else?


    Following on from my post yesterday, I've not got Duplicati running on OMV4.

    When I try to sync to OneDrive, the green status bar looks like its doing what it should be, the backup runs for about five minutes and then I get the error message...

    "array too small. numBytes/offset wrong. Parameter name: array"

    I check the folder on OneDrive and nothing has transferred over. I try again with 'dry run' and got the same error (so I assume the problem is happening before it gets to OneDrive).

    Anyone know why this is?


    I've just installed Duplicati and got it working on my OMV 3 RPi.
    When I get to the source data section, I can't see the HDD attached to my Rpi in the list.

    Should I be doing something else, like, entering the path rather than trying to find it the list? ...if so, what format should the path be? I tried /10.0.0.xx/ but it said that it doesn't exist.

    ...this made me wonder if my drive share is set up correctly to allow Duplicati to be able to see it?


    I was using Crashplan to backup my OMV drive - not on OMV itself but though syncing the shares via my macbook pro.

    Carshplan have since stopped their program for domestic users - I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for an alternative?

    I've trial'd Carbonite and Backblaze but neither of these handle network storage and therefore don't work for me.


    I disagree. It isn't the plugin's fault that Plex doesn't put the database in the application directory specified. The plugin can't really do anything that I consider a good solution to fix this. Plus, the OS partition is too small. This wouldn't be an issue if there was no data partition on the SD card (which is what OMV recommends).

    I'm sure you are correct, by 'plugin' I actually meant Plex itself - it wouldn't be a problem if it was possible to choose the DB location from within Plex.

    Lastly, if you're not using the flash media plugin, install it ASAP.
    Per the instructions on the flash media plugin page, some manual editing of etc/fstab is required.

    I've done a search in the plugins listing, the only thing that come up for 'flash' is folder2ram - is this the plugin I need?

    Back to this!

    So I replaced the 8gb SD card with a 32gb card thinking that it would fix the space problem.

    I started from scratch, a clean install - literally all I've done is added Plex and this is what I get...

    This is before I even pointed Plex at my library so the problem is definitely with the Plex plugin and it gets worse as the database expands.

    The option to move the database location is greyed out on the OMV Plex page - if the Plex database could be moved out of the OMV partition, it would solve the problem.

    Surely I cant be the only one that's had this problem.

    I ran OMV-firstaid and did options 8 and 9 (8 gave me an error about not being able to download files).

    This allowed me to get back in the front end.

    I took a screen shot of the file system...

    ...I realise now that this is where all the OMV content is and that it gets smaller every time I check for updates and install new features (doh!).
    I'm not sure why there's a partition with no name that's not being used?? can I reclaim that space for the OMV partition?

    This has happened again!
    Just over a month after the last rebuild.

    The main sd is full and I can't get in through the front end.

    I only use Plex - the database is located on an external HDD share (or at least it says it is).
    I'm using it to store ripped CDs. The audio files are definitely on the HDD - is it possible that plex is storing something on the SD?

    This is baffling!

    You changed to the root directory and the ls command just listed the size of all of those directories not the files in it. You don't need to change to the directory to get a listing of it.

    ls -alh / will do the same thing.

    du -d1 -h / will show you how much is being used in the first level of directories.

    Thanks for your help again!

    I decided to rebuild OMV from scratch again as I couldn't figure out the problem - and also, none of my backup images seemed to work!
    I've been using Apple Pi Baker to to create an image of the SD, but when I restore an image, the Pi won't boot.

    Is there a plugin that will backup the system? ...I can see that there are a few in the plugins, is there a recommended one?

    Yes, I have been trying to figure out why this is happening. An hour after I fixed the problem, the disk was full again.

    I'm not that great with command line (but I am learning!), if I do [tt]cd /[\tt]to get to the folder and then do [tt]ls -lah[\tt]I get this...

    ...which is only 116k.

    Incidentally, I don't know if this is related at all, but when I run 'Clear out local repository of uploaded package files', I get the following error...

    W: Failed to fetch copy:/var/cache/openmediavault/archives/Packages Invalid file format
    E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.
    ERROR: Command '['apt-get', 'update']' returned non-zero exit status 100

    Clean apt cleans up the apt repository and clears the server side javascript cache. Both would probably help you. It sounds like your OS drive is full. Post the output of: df -h

    Yep, I think you are right!

    I ran 'clean apt' and now I can get in.

    Here's results of df -h...

    I guess 98% isn't great!

    It's only an 8GB card - I'll pick up a bigger one!

    Thanks for your help! I googled OMV-firstaid.

    I've ran all of the options with the exception of 'clean apt' as, I'm guessing, this will do a clean instal?

    I've re-booted via ssh and refreshed the web browser, but I'm still getting the same problem.

    Incidentally, if I enter an incorrect password, I get the 'incorrect password' message. It's only when I enter the correct password that it cycles back to a login prompt.