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    Oh I see, the mshome Shared DNS has no discovery integration

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    Using OMV on a VM is a really Bad Idea, if you only want to Backup your Files and System use VEEAM Endpoint Backup Agent.
    A Pi is for large files and Speed the Wrong Idea


    For Windows the SMB Shares works best with the ACL Way not the Permissions, you have to enable Discovery in SMB and System.
    You can't see them because they have do be read/execute for the Users
    Try this approach:

    The Workgroup has to be the same

    Create a Group of "Priv" Users and assign the Folder Permissions like this:

    And the Other Folders have Access as Others and mark the Share as Guest Allow

    If you want the One Folder Approach use this (the hide unreadable manages the hiding of Folders for non approved users)

    Here you can also Groups to Make the Folders usable by users or assign the users directly.

    You, propably have to create your own Certificate Authority for your local LAN.
    A Better Way is to use Let's encrypt and access it via a Dynamic DNS Name.

    Your Router should already creating a local DNS Zone with something like you intended to do, check the Web UI of it.

    If you want to go all Crazy with CA and DNS Stuff use pfSense

    Hey guys

    So today for some reason i can't write anymore on my shared drive. Every time i try to move a file it tells me that i need permission and that access is denied. Now i turned off my PI and on again and it worked for a bit but then again i didnt have access.

    Check the permissions of the share

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    Hi rathio,

    The Plugin is only a Integration of PHP-VirtualBox which is an Implementation of the Virtualbox GUI for virtualbox itself.
    In either way you are already using the full and only Virtualbox.

    You have to install the DKMS Kernel Modules in its full package and the full graphics driver for you Graphics Card in your OMV Box

    [/quote]Open the ACLs of the Shared Folder and enable for Owner, Group and Everyone Read and Write Access recursive and enforced

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    Have set up an omv With 30 Directory, and have 38 users which I shall give different priviliges. Can I define Group and give only the Group priviliges to each Directory, or must I also give the user priviliges??


    Die that reason there exists the Groups Feature, Use the ACL Feature instead Permission

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