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    Ah okay, I will do so, maybe they know that kind of problem.

    Yeah I stopped the vdr, cause I want to see the effect of a reconnect by a client.

    Edit: Well, sometimes I should reboot my system.. Now the channel list is cleared and the client list is empty also. I will try to rescan and test again.

    The problem was at the system of the house. There was a broken amplifier and also some problems in the connection between my apartment and the satellite system of the house. The technician made some adjustments in the signal output from the amplifier to my apartment. Also there was another problem, the cable carrier (Kabel Deutschland) was also on one socket. Now I have a good signal in my apartment, but the vdr uses the wrong channels.conf or the clients. I really don't know. I tried to watch live tv with an external receiver, this works perfect. Only with the vdr are some problems and even the "No channel data" is still there.


    Okay, got some news. There was a problem with the signal in my apartment. The technician fixed it and with a normal receiver it is possible to watch right now TV. But there is a problem with the VDR. The channel list don't match with the list on the VDR server. I tried a new channel scan with more than 1000 channels right now. But in the clients there is a different channel list. Even to clear them is not a solution. Is the VNSI plugin grabbing the channel list from a different location? I cleared the whole channels.conf on the VDR, but the clients are still loading channels from the VDR. I can't understand why. Is there a different location for another channels.conf?

    Kind regards

    Hey Hoppel,

    sorry for the late reply, i'm just back from the vacation.
    They told me, they change the amplifier today, but there is still the same error. Tomorrow they call me again and I think they will measure each connector in my apartment. I will give you more info asap.


    Hey hoppel118,

    I read the thread in the german forum too, but I never thought that it is a hardware problem outside of my NAS ;-)
    It seems to be the amplifier of the system of our house, thats whats the technician told me. He measured some low signals at every port.
    He will try to replace it, but this will take some delivery time, after that, I will give you an update.

    Kind regards

    Hey hoppel118,

    no, not really solved right now. On wednesday there will be a technician for the satellite receiving hardware there. Only some channels are working, but not all of them. Even with Windows it is not working right now.
    I will let you know after wednesday, if the problem is solved by the technician. I got a really bad signal even using a satellite receiver from a shop. So I think, it is not a software problem.

    Kind regards

    Hey there,

    I got the same issues like charsi. The solution from funt4stic works only with OMV 3, but not with OMV 2.
    Is there any solution for the Plugin for OMV 2 right now?

    Thansk in advance for your help!

    Hey everybody!

    I just tried to get connected to my VDR via VNSI, but the plugin did not start at the start of VDR. In the log I can see that the VDR Extras like epgsearch, xineliboutput etc. are loading but the vnsiserver not. The plugin is installed by the GUI and I can build it to version 1.5.2 with the GUI. The allowedhost.conf is correct also. Why is the plugin not loaded at the start of VDR?
    Can anybody help me with this case please?

    Would really appreciate it!

    Many thanks in advance

    Replying a month after last post, I know, but....

    Is that still correct, the RPI (I have a Pi-3) *cannot* use the Teamspeak plugin which I see in the Plugins page?

    Thanks in advance.

    Yes, thats correct. There is still no ARM Teamspeak Server from the developer. The Teamspeak Plugin in the Plugins page is only a port of an x86 Teamspeak Server for OMV.


    Hey there,

    my OMV setup is working pretty fine actually, but there is one feature missing for me: Live TV
    I installed the VDR plugin and also the VNSI extension. Build it with 1.5.0 because the other ones won't work. I use a Digital Devices Cine S2 V5.5 which works perfectly in my Windows PC, the channel scan with VDR works also, but there is always the "VNSI: Channel: no data 16" message at my clients (Kodi).
    Even the EPG works fine, only the Live TV picture is not working. When I use the VNSI extras with Live TV in the browser, the same message appears in the logs.
    Could you give me some advices, what to do or how to fix it?

    Many thanks in advance!
    Kind regards