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    I can check that tonight, but regardless of symlink it didn't update to the proper ip address via anything i had done previously until it got updated manually.

    When I upgraded ny OMV from 4 to 5 it kept deleting the /etc/resolv.conf file which broke DNS resolution. Check that file on your machine and see what's inside it. If it's empty or missing try populating it like this and see what happens:

    Eventually after some system updates I stopped having problems, and I am unsure whether this file is even needed anymore. On my machine it exists as a symbolic link to /run/systemd/resolve/resolv.conf

    /etc/resolv.conf had a single 192.168.1.x entry, and /etc/systemd/resolve/resolv.conf had a 192.168.1.x entry as well as I edited both of those manually, removed from the latter and rebooted for good measure, and we seem to be back in business!

    How are those files generated? Its strange that they never got updated from first-aid or network - interfaces

    Then you have no working DNS. That name resolves to, which you can ping. You need to fix this.

    If I use a different machine on the same network, i can ping just fine. Its only my OMV machine that is having DNS issues.

    My best guess is that somewhere there is a setting in OMV that I missed regarding DNS. As mentioned, I've rebooted OMV multiple times, and changed the DNS server under network > interfaces > ethernet > DNS server and also via OMV-firstaid > configure network interface

    Any other ideas?

    I changed my network from 192.168.1.x to 192.168.2.x and now I can't get my OMV 5 installation to fetch and install updates. I'm guessing its a DNS issue because when it tries to check for updates via the CL, it says could not resolve.

    I've tried changing the name server from the IP Address of my pihole to and and none of them seem to be working. I've tried resetting the interface from OMV-FirstAid and made changes in the webGUI as well. I've restarted the machine multiple times. What else should I try?

    gderf  Adoby Do you guys know what the difference between unrar e and unrar x is supposed to be? It seems to behave the same way when I run the command, in that the unrar'd file ends up in the directory the command was called in.

    e - Extract files to current directory.
    x - Extract files with full path.

    Tried a few more things, and they all resulted in execvp failing with error 2 except for when in the filezilla box, I tried putting the following:

    touch hello.txt

    And then instead the logs showed:

    touch: hello.txt: Permission denied

    Here are a few variations of execvp errors from what I've tried

    execvp(/storage/ failed with error 2!,
    execvp(unrar,, e -r) failed with error 2!,
    execvp(unrar,, e -r) failed with error 2!,
    execvp(unrar, e -r *.rar) failed with error 2!,
    execvp(/storage/unrar) failed with error 2!,
    execvp(/storage/ failed with error 2!,
    execvp(/storage/ failed with error 2!,
    execvp(unrar) failed with error 2!

    Went into Portainer's log and found this no matter what i set for the console setting

    execvp(/storage/ failed with error 2!

    Also tried typing in unrar e -r *.rar into the box directly and also got the same error from execvp.

    Not sure if its relevant, but the logs for the dockers are off by 5 hours but portainer's event logs are accurate. I don't see an option for setting time for the dockers.

    I'm using the jlesage/filezilla docker and I have it setup through portainer and working fine for the most part. What I'd like to do now is for it to run a command once the transfer queue completes. If you right click in the white space where the transfer queue is located, there is an option for 'action after queue completion' and then 'run command'.

    Here is the command I'd like to run

    unrar e -r *.rar

    I tried putting that in as the command, and it didn't work. so i tried a bash script, and put in "/storage/" in as the command, where storage is a bind mount in the volumes section for the docker

    unrar e -r *.rar

    I'm guessing its some sort of Docker permissions issue? If I run the command or script via shell when i'm logged in, it works fine. It doesn't seem to be working when the transfer queue completes.

    Could it be the console setting under "command and logging" in advanced container options?

    so i tried installing unrar-nonfree and got the same error as when I tried to install unrar. I'm guessing that means I need to add a repo?