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    Sorry for the late answer :) the difficult part was only playing aroung with linux kernel/modules and software to use it. Under windows it is very easy: you just fit the card, install the driver and you're good to go. But still no info on the 8GB... cache for a NAS would be useful.

    And some good news I just discovered: the internal sata controller supports Port Multiplier: I connected a SATA-eSATA cable to the SATA connector usually used for the second drive (the one on the fan-bracket) on one side and to a 4xSATA IcyBox case and clonezilla saw all 4 drives (the external box is a pass-through: no RAID support, no nothing). Windows drivers may not support this feature (it's often the case on Intel chipsets for example).

    Hi guys! Iì've been using the FX160 for >5 years now (bought it brand new) with a crystalHD for transmpeg decoding (this one wasn't that easy to setup) and an external 4-sata USB 2.0 case with ZFS. I had to give uup the ZFS because of system memory. I have 4GB and despite the 64bit OS, only 3 are seen.
    @ngevan2k are you telling me that your system is using (visible undcer the OS) 8GB?!
    The only "fault" the machine has to be a perfect NAS is the lack of support of jumbo frames in the integrated NIC.
    PS: I always used the crystalHD in the mPCI slot without need for any BIOS mod.

    thanks anyone!