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    How do I fix this?

    Using OpenVPN provider: PIA

    Provider PIA has a custom startup script, executing it

    Downloading OpenVPN config bundle openvpn-nextgen into temporary file /tmp/tmp.JfIaBF

    Extract OpenVPN config bundle into PIA directory /etc/openvpn/pia

    Modify configs for this container

    2 servers found in OPENVPN_CONFIG, US Silicon Valley chosen randomly

    Starting OpenVPN using config US Silicon Valley.ovpn

    Setting OpenVPN credentials...

    adding route to local network via dev enp0s31f6

    RTNETLINK answers: File exists

    mknod: /dev/net/tun: File exists

    My boot drive on my Dell T30 is a 250GB M.2 drive(WDS250G3X0C by Western Digital 3100 MB/s). I have my PLEX DB in /home/, along with all my configuration files for Docker. I just let the installer partition the boot drive and leave it as is. By the time 250GB is not enough I will come up with another plan. I also use the very fast M.2 drive as the location of my transcoder temporary directory. Less than half of the drive is used. PLEX DB is tracking 5000+ Albums, 2000+ Movies, the episodes of 150+ TV shows, and years of images.

    At one point I had figured out how to store my PLEX DB on my data drives, which are pooled with the Unionfilesystem plugin wrapped in SNAPRAID. It was done by editing /etc/fstab, but if all drives in data pool are formatted Btrfs the need to customize /etc/fstab is removed.

    I've been using MergerFS + SNAPRAID in OMV4 without problems. If you're having some sort of problem with MergerFS in OMV4, please describe it.

    If someone is looking for help with MergerFS on the released OMV4, please realize this thread is tagged for the beta OMV5. These OMV5 threads are for clearing issues with upcoming OS. They are also for consuming ALL free time of the developers --- thank you.

    It might help if you closely defined your question.
    - Have you loaded OMV5 (and) are using MergerFS in OMV5.
    - Are you having some sort of trouble?
    - What, exactly is the problem?

    With a few details, I might be able to replicate the problem you're experiencing in a VM. Absent that information, there's little that can be done.

    What do you mean by, "closely defined your question"?

    The OMV 5.x version of the plugin has plenty of issues. They are being worked on.

    I really don't think manually configuring pools/fstab is the right option for most users. The fact that it is still not working well on OMV 5.x shouldn't be a huge issue since OMV 5.x hasn't been released. I don't what else to say about that. And once we get the plugin to a good state, I will add the damn option to pool folders instead of just disks...

    ryecoaaron, the Unionfilesystem plugin pretty much holds all my stuff together; I am not skilled enough to be comfortable configuring MergerFs via fstab. Has the progress broug a usable solution for the rest of us? If this is still a future todo, where might I find out when the plugin is in a good state?


    /var contains the OMV web stuff. I'd say you are well smashed. Have backup?

    Of course not.
    /home is on my data drives. Most of my services are in Docker. I will be rebuilt in a day's time. It has been over a year's time sense my last clean install.

    Bob's my cousin.

    WebGUI will not take my credentials — "wrong username or password"

    Did what I could with omv-firstaid: cleared cache and created new password. I ran a chmod that may have messed in /var; could that have be my bad? (chmod 777 -R /var/*)

    @ryecoaaron your response got me in the right directions. Thank you

    root@omvT30:~# docker container kill PLEX
    Error response from daemon: Cannot kill container: PLEX: Container efceb4d244e801e87aaf30ec1f5fe713573427dc45b367b427f0ba9561d5e855 is not running

    root@omvT30:~# docker container rm --force PLEX

    root@omvT30:~# docker container start Jackett…commandline/container_rm/

    Thankfully I have created step by step directions to setup my PLEX container.

    TimeMachine process is more than a file copy. The application is continually checking continuity, while allowing the Mac to be productive. TimeMachine is - out of the box - a low priority process. Your added layer of this being an over the air connection, brings an expedetal layer of time.

    the same as your error message

    Both my intel boxes' Docker services went down while I slept last night. I can get to the Docker GUI, but none of my installed containers are present/visable. I also get a message from Docker interface stating that a port(430X?) not available. Downed Docker uninstalled/reinstalled plugin. Not enough time to make a proper post before making lunch for my child then off to work.

    Docker plugin - After the last update it does not start

    Latest Docker plugin update

    Perhaps there are clues in my experience this week:

    My TM has not been working on two servers. I just stopped using it. With @tkaiser asserting that it works; I decided to reinstall the plugin. It did not work. I then thought about wether this may be a file system issue. I have UnionFS which is actually mergerfs holding together my data that resides on multiple EXT4 formatted drives. I then started to recall all the adjustments I had to do if I wanted to have my PlexDB on my fused volume. So I made the same adjustments to the /ect/fstab that I need to to use that volume to hold my Plex transcode directory and PlexDB. TimeMachine now sort of works — I have to investigate if I am really having issues with multiple clients using the same volume to TM their Macs.


    OMV neither runs on macOS nor can cope with APFS so simply use AFP/Netatalk shares for TimeMachine as in the past. Once OMV5 is ready we can talk again about SMB shares for TimeMachine.

    Thank you.
    My understanding is Mac OS X has been using APFS for a few years now. OMV does not need to "cope" with or support APFS. I think the need is for OMV to support a more modern SMB service.
    Simply using AFP/Netatalk shares for TimeMachine do not work as they have in the past. My experience is --- My MacBook Pro from 2015 runs the current Mac OS, for nearly three years I have not been able to get a truly usable TimeMachine backup to/from my OMV (3.x 4.x) server. My understanding is that OMV's version of SMB does not have the features that TimeMachine needs to fuction. It has been my hope, and I suspect other's as well, that OMV4 would support TimeMachine. I am pleased by your hint that OMV5 may support SMB shares for TimeMachine.