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    Thanx for this. Now I don´t have to do it ;-).
    One thing: I used APCu, can I just use Redis because you recommended it by installing it? Or do I first have to uninstall APCu, and might that destroy the mashine?

    Hello community.
    I would lile to set up my omv server as internet dhcp server meaning i have got a fixed ip to connect to the internet and want to be able to directly connect to my nextcloud server installed on omv and use the mashind with a second lan pcie to connect to the network and work as a dhcp server while also serving the network with the internet connection which is connected voa fixed ip on the other lan port. Anyone here who does this and can tell me whats the best way to do so? Can I use dnsmasq for this?
    Thanx for help.

    Hello community.
    I had some issues after installing omv 3. Somehow I could not mount my data drives due to this error, when trying to mount the raid as a data drive (like it was before in omv 2.1), it said
    ...mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on...
    When going back to omv 2.1 it worked well again.
    So I tried to install omv 3.0.59 again, but the problem appeared again.
    Someone with the same issue around?
    Any workaround? I really want to install omv 3.0.59 becahuse I want to install nextcloud 11.
    Thanx for your help in advance.