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    Hi there.

    I've had a similar problem. I wanted to do a clean install of OMV5 in an HC2 so I followed the guide and ended up without ssh connectivity to my box; it showed up in the DHCP binding list in my router though.

    So I have installed the Armbian image again and I was pondering if I should try again when I found this. I too have PI-hole on my network!

    When you say, ryecoaaron


    a lot of your steps shouldn't be necessary

    do you mean that some of them indeed are necessary?

    I have seen that in armbian-config/Softy you can install OMV, is that installer any good o better?


    Hello again.

    Thanks for the responses and sorry for the delay in mine, but my duties as new father are no joke.

    What I had in mind was something like:
    1. Today I buy two HC-2 with one 2TB HDD each one and set them up in RAID-1. My thought here was that in this way I will hardly lose data. When one disk dies I can substitute it and I will still have all the info in the other disk. (Wife's daily photos are critical, you know).
    2. I may use a USB attached big HDD to store incremental backups from time to time.
    3. Tomorrow, when I need more space I buy the same hardware again and attach it to the existing setup. My thought here is that in this way I could expand seamless and unexpensively my setup and not have to "throw away" anything.
    4. Repeat step 3.

    So from your answers I take that this is not possible to do this with only the HC-2s and OMV, right? Is it just a bad idea? What would you do to achieve something similar?

    What I am thinking now is having those 2*X HC-2s share their drives on the network with NFS and have let's say an Odroid-C2 be the OMV and glues it all up together. Would this be a nice approach?

    I hope this does not feel like post hijacking, but I have a question that I feel that fits good here.

    I want to build a fanless, cheap, easily upgreadable and future-proof NAS. I think that "Mainstream" NAS builds do not meet my requirements; the first two for obvious reasons, and the rest because they have a fixed number of bays and a custom OS.

    I thought then that Odroid HC1 or HC2 would fit well here, because it looks like I can just always add another one to increase my NAS capacity, but I yet could not find any place where they explain how to build a NAS with OpenMediaVault, Odroid HC1 or HC2 and how to upgrade later and add another board to the existing setup.

    Is it because it is obvious how to do it or because it is obvious that that is not the way to go? ?( Maybe it is not that bad to have a fixed number of bays, I do not need a crazy amount of storage anyway, but the entry cost I think is high.


    Thank you very much. I could progress more but at the end I broke the system completely or something... It started giving errors like: "There was an error" [OK] so I nuked the installation to start it all over again. Will retake this when I have time.

    Hello. Thank you very much for your work! Complete OMV/nginx newbie here.

    I have RaspberryPI+Raspbian+Apache+Owncloud and now I want to setup a RaspberryPI+OMV+nginx+Nextcloud from scratch (different SD card) and I had a problem with step 3.

    ╰─$ sudo nginx -t
    nginx: [emerg] unknown "socket" variable
    nginx: configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf test failed

    I am doing different from you that I am using /var/www/nextcloud (where openmediavault is), could that be the cause? The thing is that I have been modifying files manually trying to install NC until yesterday, that I found this tutorial; so now I am not sure if I have left some garbage somewhere.