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    Hi guys, sorry if this thread is a little old, but it's the exact same problem I had.

    I found out after my transmission stopped all downloads because of "no space available" that Plex was using /var/lib/plexmediaserver instead the mergerfs directory.

    I tried to put outside the mergerfs also, but it started give me (error=255) when launching the pms binary with "service plexmediaserver start"
    (The line with "/bin/sh -c ..." in the systemd file.)

    Since i "had" to do a clean install uppon a lost of one of my drives, I will try again later today or tomorrow and edit this post.

    I was almost going to virtualbox since this is the most problematic package ever, but I'm afraid of transcoding performance.

    Greetings from Rio, Brazil.

    I'll be back :)