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    The updates depends on the tag you select when starting the container. Leaving default without nothing is normally latest.

    In regards to the updates, here is the current tags for the official docker image:

    And here for Linuxserver:

    If I had to choose I would go with the official for better support to be honest.
    But they both will achieve the same.

    I'm still running OMV3 since OMV4 is marked as Testing still.

    The OMV Plex Plugin has nothing to do with the Plex Updates itself. Infact the Plugin hasn't been updatet since November last year. (Not negative!)

    The Plex Server updates with the files from the Public Repo by Plex Inc. and they don't release Beta Builds to these Repos. So the last stable release is from 6. December 2017. You can check this yourself by typing this in your shell:

    apt-cache policy plexmediaserver

    If you want a Beta Build with the Collections then just download the deb file and install it with dpkg -i xxx.deb manually.

    Yeah, my bad. I didn't think of checking what was the public build.

    So I can just update it manually and should be fine right? Will keep all configurations and work with the GUI correct?

    Hi all,

    Just simple question.

    I've noticed that Plex hasn't been updated for more than 2 months now.
    There has been many updates released to Plex Media Server, some of them major updates.
    These include Plex Web update, Improved collections and a ton of fixes.

    Has the plugin been abandoned?

    Regardless if it is or not, thank you for the work so far.

    Thank you,

    These updates come from Debian.
    Why not just install them? I assume most users do that.

    Because they fail since they are not applicable to the machine.
    I tried that in past.

    I lost patience and decided to go with SSH and remove them 1 by 1.
    Just so you know what I'm talking about, is this:

    1 of them I already removed, the firmware-adi.

    After removing them with "apt remove" they are gone from the update manager.
    This was just annoying something I didn't install (at least I dont think I did) and I had this for at least 6 months lol

    Hi all,

    For a while now, at least 6 months, I've had some SUPER ANNOYING Update packages that are not even installed (or if they are, I didn't installed them.

    Its all Firmware packages that are not applicable to my machine, from AMD drivers, ti connectivity, Samsung MFC, ralink, myricom, etc etc.
    At the moment I have 20 packages like that and I don't know how to remove them from the list.

    I have OMV-Extras installed with the Repos enabled:, PlexMediaServer, Docker
    In Update Management settings I have both options disabled for "Pre-releases updates" and "Community-maintained updates"

    Any idea on how to get rid of them?


    Dont know whats going on there, maybe a browser cache issue. Try different browser

    I'm currently using Opera 48 (Chromium based) (Latest)
    I've inpected the HTML and there is nothing hidden, the fieldset only has the volumes.

    I've tried with Chrome 61 (latest)
    And just to use something different Edge 40.

    To be honest I don't feel its a browser issue.

    Just some more info, I'm using Docker-Gui 3.1.9 (from OMV-Extras) with OMV 3.0.88

    Yeah it made sense, good to know.
    I'm glad I've helped on finding that.

    I will take the opportunity to just ask one last thing.
    In Networks, I'm a bit confused with the "Connect"/"Disconnect" options, what does that mean? Considering that networks in docker are kinda container based no?

    The plugin can only at the moment pull only from the hub. I was suppose to look into using other outside of the hub URL's but i haven't done anything yet.. Is strange because i just type nextcloud and it works, downloads from the official image from the hub

    Yes, that was where I wanted to get the image from:
    You managed to pull that?

    I tried it again and it did work with only "nextcloud" but going to info it redirects to here:

    The plugin is not portainer, can only do a limited amount of settings, but down below you can pass extra arguments. This plugin does not run interactive containers. The switch you see is for read-only (r/O), apparently we need a tool tip.

    yeah I understand that, but I don't have the Extra Arguments field :(

    Hi there,

    I was just testing the Docker GUI and from using Docker directly on the terminal I'm kinda lost on a few missing functionality.
    So I was wondering if I'm missing something.

    When pulling an image, I'm unable to pull official images, such as NextCloud because the plugin seems to be defaulting to + whatever you input as repo
    I tried to do ../_/nextcloud but didn't work either although the "i" will open the page successfully.

    When creating a container, I'm unable to set any settings at all other than volumes and even those there is a switch that I have no idea what it does.

    Is there an Advanced mode for this plugin?


    Not at all, giving sudo implies giving root access.
    Sudo comes handy in a shared managed server where the commands can get logged, so you know who is issued what command.

    Yes but that doesnt matter if for some reason someone gets access to the Web Portal, they can do whatever they want.

    If you can access the web interface, create another user and add that user to the ssh and sudo groups. Login via ssh and sudo passwd root

    That worked, thank you.

    Isnt that a big security flaw??
    Makes the entire concept of root and sudo useless, oh well.

    Do you get any error messages?

    Btw. you can also reset the password via SystemRescueCD for example.…ange_root_password_in_CLI

    Yeah I followed that wiki page and on the GUI it didnt do anything but I didnt check the logs, need to check when I have time.
    The rescueCD is a bit of an inconvinient because the PC Im using does not have a GPU and I would have to turn everything down to install one temporarily, want to try avoid that option.

    Yes. There is a Plex Docker Container for example. So you do not need to install the standard Plex plugin.

    Yes I know, that is what I wanted to do, have everything on containers.

    In fact I wanted to put docker inside a VM, but since it seems rather dificult to keep OMV3 as a host, I kinda gave up on it.

    Now I just need to figure out how to reset my Root pw since I forgot it some how. The wiki says to do a Chron Job but it doesnt work.