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    Thanks for the reply dethegeek

    My ID's are between 9000 and 10000. For example:
    root@openmediavault:/tmp# getent group
    domain computers:x:9409:
    domain controllers:x:9410:
    domain admins:x:9406:
    domain users:x:9404:
    domain guests:x:9405:
    group policy creator owners:x:9411:
    read-only domain controllers:x:9412:

    Is there any log where I can check for errors/possible problems?

    I'm using OMV 2.1 and config guide from this topic. Everything works fine, but I cannot see domain users in my OMV web interface.

    getent passwd return info for AD users, file /etc/login.defs was edited - "UID_MAX 60000" and "GID_MAX 60000" and I'm able to successfully authenticate in samba server with my domain username and password.

    How to transfer AD users to my web OMV interface?

    Today I install OMV on another computer "Lenovo MTQ45" with 2x 160GB HDDs. When I swap the disks, grub load, but than stuck at:

    Log from rdsosreport.txt

    Can someone help me figure out what is wrong with my setup/configuration, because because I'm already desperate?