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    So I made a fresh install of OMV and ran all the updates, After it was done, I tried logging in again and the blue background comes up but not the login prompt. What is the fix? I've had this happen before and I think there was some repair tool to run while ssh'd in but I can't recall what it would be.

    Hi there,

    So I was messing with ssl,tls, and certificates, made OMV force them and somehow I screwed up and couldn't connect. With that issue along others, I decided to start from scratch. All was good at the beginning, but after I used gparted to resize the third partition, I rebooted OMV and now I can't connect again for the same reason: https. I tried resetting my browsers and tried multiple different ones with the same results. I was able to login the first time after the fresh install, download some update and change the repo settings, but now nothing. Why is that? How can I fix it?

    I've rebuilt this OMV a few times for a few different reason and each time it gets the same IP and I don't know how to change it. I would have better luck if there was some info on how to administer OMV from the terminal.

    Hi there,

    So, I'm trying to delete a share so I can reset my old RAID and start fresh. I was able to delete all my SAMBA shares except one because it's still referenced but I donlt know how to stop that. I know what's it's being used by, but I donlt know how to stop it. I attached a screen shot. Please let me know if any of you know the solution to this.

    Hi there,

    So I tried installing openVPN but there was an error and the page reloaded. After the page reloaded it came up with a blank screen. I tried closing the tab and singning in again but it was still a blank screen. I tried on Chrome I get the blue screen but no login in prmot; in Firefox just a white screen. Anyone know how to fix this? I had this happen once already before and I ended up having to reinstall OMV. It's a 32GB sd card, so there's plenty of space.