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    Your local network will probably work as your router will be intelligent and "hairpin" the external address back to the WAN interface and process accordingly.

    My OMV is on port 81 (similar reason to you) but I'm using Traefik to handle the proxying (with SSL) and it works.

    External IP:443->Router->Port Forward to Traefik Docker IP:443->SNI->OMV:81

    Here is my Wireguard config. As mentioned, it runs in BRIDGE mode (set via Portainer). I access it via Traefik (i.e. my router forwards the WG port to my host, and Traefik handles it from there). I use a common DNS name internally and externally, BOTH resolve (internally and externally) to my public IP, and my router handles the hairpin.

    My WireGuard config is:

    I have set my CLIENT (Android) AllowedIPs to be:


    And my CLIENT (Android) WireGuard DNS is my LAN DNS IP.

    That way Wireguard is (AllowedIP) to see my DNS, the LAN (when DNS resolves internally) and "the internet".

    If you remove you won't get internet over WG, which is fine if you don't set "Block Connections Without VPN" in Android - i.e. you'll split tunnel.

    If you're not clear on Traefik, you might want to read my main guide on OMV/Portainer/Traefik which is here :…ainer-traefik-letsencrypt

    And then read my WireGuard add-on which is here:…encrypt/wireguard-traefik

    ^^ This.

    Your settings will survive, and as long as you've setup volumes correctly, your data should persist.

    If your container takes a while to init, this can get annoying if you miss something (dlandon/zoneminder takes about 10 mins to start...) but overall it's good. I really prefer the Portainer UI to the old docker one - and I've only had problems when I installed Traefik, setup a DNS entry for portainer to use Traefik (with SSL) and then took Traefik down (I forgot what I did, so that was fun).

    Hi all

    Portainer 2.0 (CE) is now out - released in the last 48 hours.

    Upgrade is easy enough, but it has to be installed manually as OMVExtras currently points to Portainer V1 (and they've changed tags to avoid breakages). Assuming you've installed portainer V1 via OMVExtras then all you need to do (via the CLI) is :

    • docker stop portainer
    • docker rm portainer
    • docker run -d -p 8000:8000 -p 9000:9000 --name=portainer --restart=always -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -v portainer_data:/data portainer/portainer-ce

    Then reload your GUI.

    The App Templates change changed format, so if you're using a template list (such as selfhostedpro) it will break the list (but not Portainer)

    You can upgrade the list yourself (…hosted_templates/pull/178) until that's fixed.

    It's also now got Kubernetes support and a few other things. Nothing has (as yet) broken for me :)

    You either need to setup a macvlan to get your image on your local network, or run it in host mode and look at the port forwarding options.

    ip route (if you use it) would need to be set up two ways on your host box/router to get stuff from/to both networks.

    Have a look at the macvlan option on my blog post here - it might let you move your wireguard host to macvlan which would be on your own LAN :)…ainer-traefik-letsencrypt

    Why don't you put your certs on a volume and expose it to the container, then just restart the container nightly?

    I'm using Traefik for my certs and have a script to export them and put them in a shared location which is exposed to my containers that want copies locally (like OpenVPNAS)

    Hi all

    As I've mentioned on and off, I've recently migrated off my old HP N54L to an HP Gen8 Microserver - and upgraded to OpenMediaVault 5 (having used 3 & 4) at the same time.

    I wanted to leverage Docker a hell of a lot more - and when I found OMV5 came with Portainer, I went down a rabbit hole and pulled together this guide, as some of the other ones I found were missing some bits of useful info (Traefik config etc) or didn't pull it all together.

    It's not a short post, but I hope it's of use to some!…ainer-traefik-letsencrypt

    I'm migrating my V1 Google Site to V2, so articles will start coming across there shortly :)