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    Here you go (output below).
    Remoteshare (plugin) is installed but no shares are remote - they are all on a local RAID.

    Addendum - I created a /root/.netrc with touch (just to see if it would do anything) and then got this:

    Right - I'm trying SFTP today (brand new Erasmus build from ISO, omv-update shows all clean, as does apt-get -f install)

    I'm enabled the SFTP plugin and set my options, but when I try to create an access list, to a defined share with a defined user, I get this when I try to Apply the settings:

    Failed to execute command 'export PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin; export LANG=C; omv-mkconf sftp 2>&1' with exit code '1': grep: /root/.netrc: No such file or directory run-parts: /usr/share/openmediavault/mkconf/fstab.d/91-sftp exited with return code 1

    The full trace is:

    Any clues? What is needed to generate .netrc?


    Hi all
    I've done something very stupid and have to rebuild my NAS. Whilst at it I will install Erasmus, having been on OMV2.

    If I remove my data partition disks (Raid 1) and then reinstall, and reconnect my Raid 1 - will it auto detect? Or what will I need to do?

    Thanks in advance.

    Lo there

    Still lurking, just not much time
    Just noticed my GUI update window is blank, but I'm getting apt emails, and apt-get upgrade works.
    Clicking "check" goes through the motions, but shows nothing.

    What's broken? :)

    Just to chip in (not much surf time!) - I do use WOL infrequently, but definitely DO use dnsmasq and OpenVPNAS a *lot* - I'd be reluctant to move to 3.0 without those!

    I'm using:
    - RemoteShare (for - but could live without it)
    - Fail2Ban (but could live without it)
    - WOL (used occasionally, but could live without it)
    - OMV Backup (not actually used properly yet)
    - MiniDLNA (used frequently for media access)
    - DNSMasq (essential - the whole house is DHCP and works off the NAS)
    - OpenVPNAS (essential - I VPN in frequently)
    - SSH (essential, used when VPN fails)
    - AntiVirus (ClamAV) (left alone, but quite essential)
    - NUT (essential - has saved the NAS during powercuts and executed safe powerdown)
    - ExtPlorer (actually really handy when I SSH in and want to browse files, port fwd a browser to the GUI and away!)
    - OMVExtras

    If I had the spare time I'd look to assist more, but spare time is very infrequent these days!

    Tried, but got :

    Reading package lists... Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information... Done
    proftpd-mod-vroot is already the newest version.
    0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

    If I remove the line from the proftpd.conf, and apply, then OMV puts it back in via one of the many .inc files :\

    Checking the changelog for 1.0.22 it says something about clean up of proftpd script?

    I tried to enable the FTP plugin and got this (which I've had since upgrading to Kralizec)

    Failed to execute command 'export LANG=C; invoke-rc.d 'proftpd' start 2>&1': Starting ftp server: proftpdMEDIAVAULT proftpd[8063]: mod_dso/0.5: module 'mod_vroot.c' already loaded MEDIAVAULT proftpd[8063]: Fatal: LoadModule: error loading module 'mod_vroot.c': Operation not permitted on line 2 of '/etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf' failed! invoke-rc.d: initscript proftpd, action "start" failed.

    Also on a more random note, when I upgraded, my sudo path broke - as "service" and other commands stopped working. One to watch for some maybe? :)

    OpenVPNAS requires another port 0 - the "beauty" of OpenVPN is "one port" - so I can tunnel that over HTTPS if needs be. OpenVPNAS wants two ports?
    OpenVPN is working fine, although I have to manually add the config options that were in the GUI - and bring back a script from 0.4 to do the user/pass secondary authentication.

    Minidlna is dying just looking at JPG and MP3 files. It gets 300 files in and dies.
    I've downloaded the 'wheezy' distribution copy and that works fine. Something in 1.1.4 is less than ideal :\

    I couldn't get DNSMasq out of the beta repo for some reason (also : new baby = no brain), but manually hauled it out of github and built it ok. Can't see any issues with it though - it picked up my config files and 'works'.

    And IE8 = a system I have no control over which I use periodically :)

    Hi all

    Been away, as our family has recently expanded.

    Yesterday I went from 0.4 to 0.5 - which went fairly smoothly (removed plugins, upgraded, put plugins back)
    Then I did 0.5 to 1.0 - and that "didn't go so well".

    I removed the plugins (except NUT) and did the upgrade - which said it would remove NUT itself.
    When it finished, I had the white screen/NGINX screen - so did some reading about removing apache2 (via rc.d) and got the GUI working.
    Then I found samba was dead, and I had to manually re-enable each share. That caused a bit of worry!
    SSH was also not working and needed a service restart - and when I had no GUI initially that made life interesting (headless box!)

    Comments so far :

    1) Generally the majority of things seem ok
    2) OpenVPN plugin 'works' but misses a lot of the original - inability to generate the CA from scratch (with custom keys), inability to set password AND cert requirements in the GUI (but can be done via the additional commands box).
    3) MiniDLNA seems to be broken - mine scans 300 files and 'stops'. I've built minidlna from source and that does it too - might try an older version.
    4) DHCP/DNSMasq really *really* is missed - I went to GITHUB and built it from source and installed it - and it picked up my old 0.4 configs and is running perfectly
    5) NTP seems broken? I noticed my NAS was saying 10am when it was 5pm - and it refused to update. I had to download ntpdate to force a date change. Now it seems a bit happier.
    Also - it would be good to have an option to have OMV act as a time server - I've enabled it in config but each reboot removes that line :)
    6) FTP is broken (mod_root) but I saw that in the buglist :)
    7) I think the upgrade to 1.0 also upgraded OpenSSL, which in turn broke my RADIUS server - and the LATEST (manually built) FreeRADIUS reports the OpenSSL version which comes with the new distro is vulnerable to Heartbleed. That may be worth noting to people who open their boxes to the wider internet.


    In other random news, this new forum does NOT present well on IE8 (forced to use it in some places) so apologies if this is in the wrong place - took me ages to find a "post" button - and I could only see "reply"

    Quote from "tekkbebe"

    For me it is openvpn and cups plugins. I can setup openvpn and cups manually but why. Also, it's not like I'm not using .5. I probably use it as much as anyone. Yesterday I was testing a RAID 0 with LVM on top in a vm with 2 vds. So I get my fill. :lol: :lol:

    Pretty much this. I'm now using CUPS as the local (back) end for Google Cloud printing, and actually have used it (scary!). And OpenVPN.
    Although OpenRemote is stealing my time at the mo...... :)

    You can only pick *3* plugins?! The horror!

    My setup has :

    Antivirus (runs nightly)
    CUPS (infrequent at present - but I suspect will pick up)
    DNSMasq (used every few hours, every device in the house is set off DHCP via my OMV box!)
    MiniDLNA (used a few times a week)
    NUT (used by my main PC whenever it's on, it auto shuts down if my UPS notices a power outage)
    OpenVPN (used quite a lot)
    SSH (used a few times a week/quite a lot in conjunction with VPN)
    VirtualBox (infrequent use - installed for testing PABX/PIAF - but found the N40L a bit lacking for virtual telephony)

    Not to mention I'm running Asterisk (+ Asterisk GUI & FOP2 Server), OpenRemote, FreeRADIUS and DNSCrypt running on the box too.....

    Quote from "tekkbebe"

    Nice to see you posting again Pete.


    I lurk. To be fair, OMV tends to sit and "do it's job" until I think of something silly/geeky to do. I've just upgraded my LTO1 drive to an LTO3, and am presently backing up my shares to tape.