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    I had not considered that! My "better" thumb drive will be coming next week, so I'll see how things go until then.

    If I recall correctly I've had this drive around for almost 5 years.

    There are some messages that pop up at boot I need to deal with too, something about TPM (need to get a vga cable to get into the BIOS lol) and an odd little line about the processor.

    So. I have installed OMV on an old thumb drive while I wait for something a little higher quality (couldn't find SLC USB drives sadly... Got a commercial-grade MLC one though)

    I also have no issues with heat running a Seagate Firecuda 1TB 5400RPM 2.5" drive in the fanless NUC.

    I noticed however that this install doesn't seem to be as stable as the rpi/3. I also noticed that I cannot see the emmc anywhere, fdisk, nothing. No complaints there.

    I suppose the NUC is a little underpowered @ 1.46ghz single core. Just looking at the web-ui dashboard causes the machine to jump to 2.0+ load, which, from my understanding, is not acceptable for a single core machine. I tried tuning some settings in the FPM pools and enabling PHP opcode caching but it didn't seem to help much.


    See in the atachment, /dev/sda is living fanless. Actually both drives are fanless, the WD is a 3.5" 7200 RPM in a 25 dollar externally powered enclosure I scored on amazon (nexstar tx). On the first Rsync they were both at around 43 celsius and it took some time as I was transferring ~400GB from the WD (usb 2.0) to the Firecuda (sata 3gbps).

    The only potential benefits I can see are io and lifespan.

    But if you are looking for a cheap SSD, chances are you will not be buying a good brand, and then you must ask, how much more do you trust an ssd that costs what a decent thumb drive costs?

    Just my two cents. Unless you were willing to shell out for a decent brand of SSD, I would not bother.


    I've been playing with OMV for a few months now, have a bit of "linux experience" from playing around with web development. Initially found out about OMV by way of (*sigh*) a raspi "NAS" tutorial.

    The other day I picked up an older intel NUC kit for around $80CAD, with the intention of using it for a slightly more reliable NAS than the rpi, however it is a fanless "computer". I'd be curious to get input on whether or not this is a horrible idea from the outset? Specifically I'm unsure whether or not running a 2.5" 5400rpm drive 24/7 in this box is going to lead to premature hardware failure.

    The box has 1 usb3.0 port I'd want to utilize for a thumb drive (maybe m.2 to usb? or a higher end thumbdrive with embedded ssd controller) to install the OS. It has 4 GB EMMC but I'd prefer to use that for swap partition or not at all (I'd not seen any of my omv installations swapping previously so basically swap partition == unused). Obviously I would like to use the available SATA port for data. Then I will use one of my raspi to rsync a copy to an external hard drive.

    Any thoughts here are appreciated. My google fu is weak on this subject.

    Also, hello everybody! :thumbsup: