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    What's up guys? 3 year OMV user. Absolutely love it! Anyways, I just ordered and received 32GB more DDR4 to go with the 64GB that I currently have. Also, I ordered 2x 512GB Intel 660p drives. Added those via PCI-E to a Supermicro x10dri board. One of the SSDs is setup as my boot drive, and I'm trying to decide what to do with the second one. I was thinking about using it to run my VMs, but I don't really have many VMs. I can run them on the boot drive if necessary. I usually only run one Windows VM. Normal ZFS array is 4x8TB 7200rpm disks in raidz configuration. Hoping to upgrade to 10TB sometime soon. My question is, would it be beneficial to setup L2ARC on the second NVME? Should I use the entire disk for L2ARC if so? Mostly the server is used for Plex, and some linux iso sharing ;). Also, I run some web apps from docker containers. I think only one of them uses databases. Nextcloud. Figure this should go on one of the SSDs. Anyways, please give me some input on how I should configure this. I don't really know much about ZFS caching and what not. Any input would be appreciated. OMV devs, thanks for the amazing work! Love it!

    What's up guys? I was sitting around today thinking about iptables, and how I have never taken the time to learn it, yet I want to use it on my colocated servers that are all facing the internet. Would it be really diffucult for someone to write a plugin that would give us a GUI frontend for IPTables in the OMV control panel? Any of you guys think you could accomplish something like this?

    Hey guys. I finally set down today and figured out getting multi user rutorrent setup on an openmediavault installed machine. I don't have a guide or anything. I just fudged around until I got it. Anyways, if ANY of you guys need help with this, just let me know. We can get together on Telegram or something like that and get it worked out. It wasn't VERY hard. OMV pretty much has all the dependencies you need for rutorrent.

    What's up guys? Is there no way to reset the OMV SMART indicator? I have a brand new drive with 1 reallocated sector. I don't want OMV to display is as a bad drive. Any way to go about doing this? I'd like OMV to mark it as bad if anymore sectors get reallocated.

    @jhmiller I'm hoping that you might be able to aadd my sensors into the plugin assuming that they aren't already there. I'm having some trouble trying to get the plugin to work. Getting sad faces when I try to add in dashboard. /usr/bin/sensors is workig though. Below is the information. Thanks for the plugin!

    I'm one of the devs of the plug-in, however there are lots of other people here that are much more skilled at using and setting up zfs. I don't know what is the best cache size for your vdevs, but I remember there were some guidelines avaliable "somewhere" when I did the setup myself.

    Lol. Ok. I'm looking around now. There seems to be some documentation on it out there, so hopefully it wont be that hard for me to figure out. Thanks for the answers.

    I don't think I added support to have cache disks added via gui. However you can add them via cli, I've done that on my own server.

    Would be a cool feature to have added if it isn't something that's really hard to incorporate. I'm assuming that you created the ZFS plugin? Thanks for it by the way. About adding the cache disks via command line. I'm pretty decent with Linux. I'm not asking you to tell me how to do it, but could you point me in the right direction? I'd like to read up on it some before my SSDs arrive. Also, you think I should've gone with 128GB or 256GB SSDs for the cache disks instead of the 80's? Do you think 80GB disks will be enough cache? I'm planning to add 1 SSD per vdev. I have 2 vdevs, both raidz2. One vdev consists of 6 8TB disks, and the second is comprised of 6 160GB disks that I plan to swap out with 8TB drives as time goes by. Sorry for so many questions... Thanks for the reply none the less.

    What's up guys!?!? Sorry if this has been asked before. I've done some searching and I couldn't find my answer. Anyways, I'm new to OMV, and I'm loving it so far. I just couldn't get comfortable w/ Freenas. I come from and Ubuntu Server background, so I'm right at home on Debian! Anyways, I've installed the ZFS plugin and created my pool. I have a few 80GB SSDs on the way to me off of ebay, and I was looking through the GUI trying to figure out how I would add these as cache disks for my pool that I just created? In freenas, I could expand the pool, and add a cache disk. I notice that option isn't available in OMV GUI. Can this be done w/ ZFS for Linux via the CLI? Any help would be appreciated. In the mean time, I'll do some more Googling lol. Thanks to the dev for this amazing setup. EXACTLY what I was looking for!!!