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    Im not sure I understand this issue...

    This is my setup, sharedfolder/media/incoming/all fetched
    which is moved upon completion to, sharedfolder/media/completed

    I did set up a new sharedfolder just for this case. sharedfolder/test/ and moved 700gb ish to shared so my unionFS filesystem would be "green" then raised min allowed disk to 415GB and restarted OMV (just to test) Then tried to copy sharedfolder/test back to sharedfolder/media/completed and got the same message "No space left"

    Have you seen the FAQ entry on ?

    Why do I get an "out of space" / "no space left on device" / ENOSPC error even though there appears to be lots of space available?

    This is my options in UnionFS defaults,allow_other,use_ino,moveonenospc=true Are those not correct?


    Yeah I read that aswell somewhere, is it possible to remove that file?

    "You'll have to move some of the content under; /dev/sdd1/Videos/ to /dev/sdc1/Videos/ and - or /dev/sdb1/Videos/ , etc."
    I removed some files couple of days ago, and it still telling me no space left now when the drive filled up again, I will try again..
    How does one move easily from one drive to another when using unionFS?

    False alarm @flmaxey!

    I was about to make a clean installaion and saw 3 disks connected, OMV ssd, USB with OMW and a Sata drive. So I missed one of my drives whyle troubleshooting, guess what, that disk was giving all the errors. We're are back on track sir - OMW up and running again. Thank you for your time, I feel a bit embarrased..

    Yeah, I disconnected all hdds, only ssd where OMV is installed is connected and still getting the error. What's my options here? reinstall OMV completly?
    print_req_error on dev sda.

    Thank you! But my nas would not start at all. Had it connected to a monitor and this happend

    Running badblocks on that drive now, not sure if it will help or if I just should wipe it with dd zero. I don't have any important there anyways.

    Will try your solution when I got this HDD error handled.

    Okay, it seems like it was a folder that had alot of data.
    UnionsFS start storing data on next hard drive when current is full, right?
    Is there a way to prevent this from happend again?

    Im using mergeFS and was about to organize my stuff, created a new folder and moved everything there. with mv * Some files were OK but not all folder was moved. Now I'm getting No space left on device but I've only used 2~tb out of 8tb..

    Just found out one disk is full.. how can I move stuff from /dev/sdb1 on line 12 to my share on line 10?


    1. Just did, rtorrent was set to network: bridge instead of host. But that didnt fixed the issue, my jackett container is up. But rtorrent nor sonarr is up.

    2. Yes, the new user do have permission to everything.

    I recently modified 3 of my docker containers do to removal of a users. I did modify my container while they were on and only changed PGID and PUID to my new user. In the docker overview everything seems fine but I cannot access them. I didn't think changing the PGID and PUID would break it. Do I need to reconfigure them all over?

    Here is my docker log file from the sonarr container: