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    Ok, re-biult the sd card... now, omv is booting without problems...

    2 more questions, please:

    1) I modified /etc/fstab as described for flash drives-plugin. But, do I need to activate the plugin itself afterwards ?
    2) HDD /dev/sdc is pre-failing smart-test (raw_read_error)... don´t really know how to test the file system. And, if I want to replace the hdd: currently the raid 5 consists of 4 x 2GB WD red. Replacing the third 2GB-WD-hdd (sdc) with a Seagate Iron Wolf 4GB, for example, does not lead to a problem ? Just shutting down the ProLiant, replacing the hdd, booting it into OMV 3 and the RAID 5 will rebuild all automatically ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for your answer... do you recommend cloning (image restore) the existing sd card to a new one without the whole new building process?

    So, hope, I understood right according to the SMART message:
    Your list does not contain the raw_read_error_rate my hdd is telling me. Does this mean it is not important to change the hard drive immediately?

    Hi there,

    OMV was running very stable for about half a year now.
    Now I am afraid of some things I would like to change:

    The SMART monitoring is showing a red status for the attribute name "RAW_READ_ERROR_RATE" -> 1 Raw_Read_Error_Rate POSR-K 001 001 051 NOW 102366
    While booting the microserver is showing the message: "PORT3: NOT SMART-capable hard disk". Running OMV, SMART is activated and working for all hard disks. It is the same vendor and hard disk like the others.

    Sometimes the system is showing this:

    My solution for using 4 disks and running the system on a different disk:
    A SD-Card is pointing to the internal System-HDD connected to CDROM-SATA-Port. Since 2 weeks the system does not come up. In this situation it seems like the system is not able to find the system HDD, because the SD-card is not being found to point to the system HDD. After rebooting 2-3 times and nothing nothing different, the system is working as it is meant to.

    So, some help would be very great... is the SMART-error a warning to change the HDD on port 3 ? And, why is the system sometimes not able to find the internal SD card ?


    OMV 3 is running on a HP microserver gen8 with a software-raid5 and 4 HDDs.

    At the moment I would like to backup the system disk to a usb 16GB-flash drive. That´s why I installed the plugin openmediavault-backup.
    I plugged in the usb stick into one of the front-ports. OMV is showing the stick in file systems as intergrated /dev/sdg1.
    But, by pressing on "create" ("erstellen"), there is no device to choose.

    I think, that´s why I can´t choose the stick as shared folder in the plugin, so it can´t backup the system to this shared folder/USB stick.

    Could someone tell me how to solve this problem ? I just want to backup the system to an USB-Stick.

    Yes, I was using sudo...

    At the moment this is what happens:
    dadm: /dev/md0 is performing resync/recovery and cannot be reshaped

    Does this mean RAID5 is using the 4th HDD for increasing the usable size?

    The web GUI is telling me the RAID is clean and reshaping.

    No, the system does not recognise the command:

    mdadm --grow /dev/md0 --raid-devices=4
    -dash: 1: mdadm: not found
    $ -dash: 3: mdadm: not found
    $ -dash: 4: -dash:: not found

    Sure... hope, ot helps.

    ersonalities : [raid6] [raid5] [raid4]
    md0 : active raid5 sda[0] sdd[3](S) sdc[2] sdb[1]
    3906766848 blocks super 1.2 level 5, 512k chunk, algorithm 2 [3/3] [UUU]
    bitmap: 0/15 pages [0KB], 65536KB chunk

    Tried to describe what I was doing...

    Tapped on my Raid5 in section file system. Then tapped on grow. System asked me if I want to do this. After answering yes, nothing happened. Raid5 is as big as before.

    Thanks, but there is one problem left:

    (I am running OMV in german, so I try to translate the buttons)

    I expanded the RAID5 using the button "expand" in RAID control panel. Before, the RAID5 consisted of 3 x 2 TB HDDs. Now, there are 4 x 2 TB (sda - sdd).

    One day later I highlighted the RAID5 under "file system" and pressed the button to expand the RAID.
    The systems asked if I want to expand the RAID. After pressing YES nothing happens.

    The RAID now has the same size like before, 3.58TB.

    What am I doing wrong ?


    At the moment my HP ProLiant is running OMV 3.0.89.
    Three HDDs are bundled to a RAID5.
    Now I wanted to add the 4th HDD with the same size of 2TB.

    I formatted the new HDD with ext4 - like the RAID5 HDDs.
    Afterwards I mounted the new HDD.

    But, there is a problem with expanding the RAID5. The RAID control panel does not show any new HDD after pressing the button "expanding".

    What am I doing wrong ?


    Seit einigen Tagen nutze ich OMV 3 mit meinem HP ProLiant gen8 und einem 3-HDD-Raid 5.
    Da ich vom Synology-NAS komme, habe ich noch ein paar Verständnisprobleme:

    - ich habe die Home-Verzeichnisse aktiviert. Mit meinem User kann ich nun auf volumes/homes/ und auf das Userverzeichnis /volumes/username/ zugreifen.
    Beide Verzeichnisse haben denselben Inhalt. Lösche ich Dateien unter volumes/homes/, so werden diese ebenfalls bei /volumes/username gelöscht. Beim Synolgy wurden die Home-Verzeichnisse der User unter /homes/ gelistet und der einzelne User hatte nur Zugriff auf sein eigenes Verzeichnis. Ist das bei OMV anders ?

    - ich habe daheim eine Trennung in mein Heim-Netz und das Gäste-Netz. Da der ProLiant Microserver nun 2 LAN-Schnittstellen hat, frage ich mich, ob ich LAN1 (eth0) mit dem Heimnetzwerk und LAN2 (eth1) mit dem Gästenetzwerk verbinden kann. Dann würde ich gerne für LAN2 lediglich eine Freigabe erteilen. Ist das möglich ?

    Besten Dank...


    At the moment two 2-bay arm-based Synology NAS are running at home.
    For several reasons I would like to build a new NAS: running a plex server and expanding to more than 2-bay.

    After reading a few sites, I decided to install OMV on a HP ProLiant microserver gen8 or gen10.

    Perhaps, the community can answer some questions before buying the server:
    I read installing OMV is a bit difficult, so I am planning to connect my external mac USB-DVD-drive and burningthe newest OMV image to a disc.

    Next, I would like to install at first 2 x 3,5“ WD green hdds to SATA-3-ports, later 2 x WD red to SATA-2. Then I plan to install the image to a system SSD. ÜBut, is there a internal 5th SATA-port for e. g. a 30 GB system SSD? Or, is it possible to connect a system SDD via SATA-to-internal-USB adapter?
    Finally, I am asking myself of buying gen8 or gen10...

    As the ProLiant uses 4GB RAM, running zfs is mot recommended. What kind of file system should I prefer, ext4?

    Little help would be great...