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    Hi there.
    Need to setup this week a fresh box with webmin, virtualmin and OMV.
    On one hand my client wishes to develop some websites on the box and on the otherhand he wants to store his data on the same box. for this pourpuse he wants to add 3 hard disks. 1 hard disk (1 TB) for web development and 2 x 2TB hd to store his data and be managed by OMV (latsest stable build). So now I have a doubt:

    First installing Debian 9 (
    1. What would be the order to install? Using (and install the complete webmin/virtualmin) and than OMV or the other way arround?
    2. Will it work correcty webmin/virtualmin/omv?

    Does anyone has experiencie with this and can ayone share a tutorial, please? :D
    Hoping to hear from anyone, please

    Hello Ivaylo.
    Thanks for your quick reply ;)

    My Job configuration:

    Based on this image, the idea is that the source is the folder called "c:/backup", on the W7 box
    The destination should be the shared folder called "Carpeta-E"
    My Module configuration:

    Last but not least, it would be interesting to tell the source where you are initiating the process from. Is it from the W7 or from the Destination?
    The process is initiated from the Destination (which is the OMV server with the shared folder to where the data must be copied to)

    Does this help /clarify it a little?
    Hoping to hear from you again.
    Regards from a (too) warm madrid :(

    Good morning Ivaylo.
    thanks for the links. Yes that can be helpfull.
    my specific situation is the following.
    I want to make a daily backup of c:\backup (W7)
    for this i used the following command.

    Rsync Job established
    Service: Enabeled
    Comment: Get stuff from a W7 box
    Type: remote
    Source Server: rsync::/
    Destination shared folder: Folder-E
    Password: N/A

    - The W7 has a fixed IP address
    - The W7 has no user established, thus no need to place user name in the line
    - On the W7 the FW is turned of (or when i turn it on the port 873 is open, both for incoming as outgoing traffic)

    Executing this command i get:
    rsync::/ No existe el fichero o el directorio
    Translation: No file or directory available.

    Any idea what could be wrong here?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hello everybody.

    Currently i am using openmediavault on a box here in the office.
    I am a newbie to this RSync utility. I am trying to set this up.
    Currently the OMV works fine with the shared folders and from our 3 W7 boxes we can see and use the shared folders.

    The idea is to copy from our W7 boxes to a specific shared folder in "*.tar" file every night.
    I have beeing trying it using these 2 links to figure out how te set this up.…/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=847…/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=672
    But no luck so far. :shock: Both W7 boxes have a fixed IP address. Is there any small tutorial as how to set this up?
    Shouldn´t be that hard, no :?:
    Can anyone help me out here, plz :?:
    Many thanks in advance.