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    Hi there,

    I made the upgrade to OMV 4 and it went almost flawelessly. But one of my issues is following.
    After upgrading and now executing apt-get update I get this Error message regarding mariaDB:

    W: GPG-Fehler: stretch InRelease: Die folgenden Signaturen konnten nicht überprüft werden, weil ihr öffentlicher Schlüssel nicht verfügbar ist: NO_PUBKEY F1656F24C74CD1D8
    W: The repository ' stretch InRelease' is not signed.
    N: Data from such a repository can't be authenticated and is therefore potentially dangerous to use.
    N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.

    I already tried to import the KEY like it shows here on the mariaDB Page:…tch--stretch&version=10.2

    With the Command Line:

    apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver 0xF1656F24C74CD1D8

    But I get this following Error executing the command above:

    Executing: /tmp/apt-key-gpghome.ODeAHcYijX/ --recv-keys --keyserver 0xF1656F24C74CD1D8
    gpg: keyserver receive failed: Server zeigt einen unbestimmten Fehler an

    I dont get it. It says "Server shows an unknown error" . Thanks for this nice and helping Error Message! XD

    Here my Sources.list after upgrade:

    Now I dont know whats wrong here.

    Thank you in advance!

    Ich hatte das Problem auch schonmal und da lag es tatsächlich an der im Login-Interface eingestellten Sprache.. Habe diese auf deutsch gestellt und dann wurde mein Passwort ohne Mucken angenommen. verstehe das einer. Seitdem nutze ich das interface auf Englisch!

    I updated already to the 3.16.0-0.bpo.4-amd64 before I followed the Steps in the Tutorial.
    I will definately try to install the experimental intel drivers an then recompile kodi..

    try to uninstall kodi, clean meake and compile again with newest drivers

    Thanks for your hint. I did not try that!
    I will install OMV again because I messed too much with all these repos, installs, Xorg configs etc around..
    Clean install -> Clean update to Backport Kernel (from WebUI) -> Install of the backport/experimental drivers -> Compile Kodi -> Cross my fingers -> "xinit kodi" :)

    Thanks for your help
    and greetings from germany

    I tried to solve the issue by myself and came across that the
    standard intel dirvers from the wheezy repo doesent support haswell
    iGPUs. So I installed them from the wheezy backports with :

    apt-get install -t wheezy-backports xserver-xorg-video-intel

    Now I get following error with following Log when trying to run "xinit kodi":


    > Warning: Type "ONE_LEVEL" has 1 levels, but <RALT> has 2 symbols
    > Ignoring extra symbols
    Errors from xkbcomp are not fatal to the X server
    Unrecognized deviceID 0x41a
    xinit: connection to X server lost

    Xorg.0.log is too long for a port here so I pasted it to pastebin. Her the Link:

    it seems that now the Intel HD4600 is stated to be supported (see at
    the beginning of the LOG) but for some reason it will not work. I also
    restarted but it didn't work.
    So I am also reading a lot that with
    Debian Testing (Jessie) it works but there should be a solution with
    wheezy. If OMV would work on Jessie I would try that..

    Thank you!
    Greetings from germany!

    Hi there!

    I just tried to install kodi on openmediavault but it turnoud out that after trying to start kodi with "xinit kodi" I get an error stating that there were no Screens found.
    I have an Intel HD4600 (Xeon 1225v3) iGPU. All the steps of the tutorial were completed without any errors until I came to "xinit kodi"


    Fatal server error:
    no screens found


    Does anyone have a clue why I get this?

    I tested it previously on a VM (Virtual Box). I had the same issue in a VM (Host: Win 8.1 on same Hardware) but after I installed the vm addins from the CD Image I was able to start kodi from the VM without any issues anymore.
    Did I miss something regarding any intel HD drivers? Because in the list of the Graph Chips supported in the Log File there are no Haswell iGPU Models listed! So maybe the driver doesent support the HD4600 ?

    Thank you in advance!

    Hi there! Thank you but you did read my post?!?????

    I can not login to the WebUI becauso of the "Internal Server Error". Thas what the thread is about!

    So I am not able to log into my Server anymore. Neither through SSH (because OMV disabled it) nor over the WebUI (Internal Server Error)
    So how can I enable SSH Root login without the WebUI so I can fiddle around in the system trying to fix the Internal Server Error!

    My first Impressions of OMV are due to this Issues not so good


    I looked into the /var/log/apache2/openmediavault-webgui-error.log and this is what it says:


    I wanted to try out OpenMediaVault on my GoFlex Net and I Installed it like on THIS thread!

    Now what I get is a refused SSH Connection! Wanted to try to login over SSH but to no avail. It says REFUSED.

    And when I want to get the WebUI of OMV I am getting a server Error. Here the picture of that:

    Could someone help me with this?! Is this a common bug?

    Thank you in advance