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    Same here. I am running debian on all my servers except my asterisk phone system which is running pbxinaflash. On the desktop I'm running Linux Mint 16 however, since it's based on Ubuntu I'm not a fan. So next I will try running debian with the cinnamon gui DE which is my new favorite desktop environment by far. I hear it works very well. Now Ubuntu is all alone with upstart....
    I believe systemd is the future init system.

    It looks nice. I really like the layout. I don't see why it can't be added in OMV. Maybe Miller can make a script or a plugin for OMV.

    Volker does not release half as software. It's better to wait and have it work right then have it released and be riddled with bugs. I'm not saying that its going to be released 100% bug free but it will be pretty darn close. It will be released before EOL of squeeze which is sometime in May 2014.

    Your not the only one who wants the new version released. You just have to wait.

    I have used long sata cables with no issues. As long as you use cables within the spec your ok. To me it looks like a bad defective cable or hard disk. Isolate the component in question and try with other hardware. I have used hardware in the past that will just not work with certain motherboards for that reason all my motherboards are all supermicro. They are well built and last very long. For desktop use I just use a laptop.

    PCI Passthrough works well however you need specific hardware that supports it. In order for it to work the cpu,motherboard chipset,and the motherboard must have and option in the bios to enable pci passthrough.
    When all the hardware is supported pci passthrough does work. Only problem you may run into is with vga passthrough as this is very tricky as not all vga cards support this. Some do however. Make sure you do your homework before you buy any new hardware if you want to use pci passthrough.

    I really don't don't think we need duplicate programs doing the same thing. If we have a plugin that works right then there is no need of another plugin that does the same job. ie sickbeard and nzbdrone

    Best to have 1 plugin for 1 job. As for me I have no issues with sickbeard.

    Found the solution and there is no solution to make TBSDTV and hdhomerun work on the same machine.

    The problem is TBS uses a binary blob module and has modified the vl4 tree. Hdhomerun uses the default tree and when you compile hdhomerun it compiles fine but will not load the module. The only way to fix is to install a second tvheadend server and simple make the changes in each client of Xbmc to allow a second tvheadend server and then everything works.

    Server 1 is hdhomerun and any other hardware you want except TBSDTV
    Server 2 is TBSDTV hardware only

    The one to blame is TBSDTV for the use of their binary blob and modified linux vl4 tree. What they should have done was used open source drivers and turn their binary blob into a firmware this way it would play nice with other hardware installed.

    Wscan is really old. All the satellites are are wrong. Also would be nice to have multiple LNB support. Other than that its a great plugin.

    I bought it real cheap. It was from a company that was going out of business and was clearing all their IT stuff. I bought the UPS for $100.00 it was worth 10 times that about new. It works perfectly with apcupsd as its uses serial to connect to server. I have it connected to my main firewall and to OMV. My main firewall is running pfsense with the new apcupsd plugin.

    When I got my UPS it was used. Its a big one the 2200 Net I believe I would have to look at the label again. The batteries were basically dead. It last me about a year. So this is my second set in about 10 years. On average UPS batteries last about 3 to 5 years.

    If you want it really secured then put it behind a firewall like pfsense and only use openvpn to connect to openmediavault. So no openvpn keys no connection to your box. This would protect the whole server. This method is very secure. You can keep your vpn keys on a usb key. If you loose your usb stick then change your keys.

    So before I bought my TBS6985…quad-tuner-pcie-card.html I had 2 HHhomeruns and a Hauppage PVR500 both working perfectly in tvheadend running Debian Wheezy on a different machine. I complied the dvbhdhomerun and installed the standard ivtv drivers form apt-get in wheezy. All was fine until I tried to install the TBS6985. It messed up my install of hdhomerun and my pvr500 is not even listed anymore in the tvheadend config page. It seems that when you install the driver of the tbs it installed every dam driver in their whole product line. That's insane all I want to do is install the driver that is required for the product I have of have precompiled drivers for my OS.

    Here is the thread I started at the TBS forum site.

    I just want hdhomerun working with my tbs6985.

    Its not so bad on tablets but on with a mouse and keyboard it's sucky bad.

    All Microsoft had to do was make 2 versions of Windows 8 and call it

    Windows 8 Classic
    Windows 8 Touch

    And for retail box versions you would have the option to install either version on a new pc. Windows 7 was fine they could have just added the speed improvements of Windows 8. Like what they did with Vista they fixed it up and called it Windows 7

    Now Microsoft wants us to use a new UI and they call it progress. Sorry Microsoft but I'm not learning your new UI unless I have a touch screen. So bye bye Windows 8, 8.1 and hello Windows 7. It's like XP and Vista all over again it seems Microsoft never learns. If I have to use a Windows machine it's going to be XP or Windows 7 but when April comes bye bye XP and Hello Windows 7 well at least until the year 2020.

    Windows 8.1 sucks... I just got a new Lenovo Y510P laptop it came with 8.1 I used it for like 15 minutes and wiped the whole drive off...I make a clone image of whole disk drive just in case I changed my mind. I then installed Windows 7 and Linux Mint 16 then installed VituralBox inside Linux Mint and works great. I only run Windows 7 to play games and if I need to watch Netflix I just fire up Vituralbox inside Linux.

    Windows 8.1 on a touch screen maybe... but for mouse and keyboard Windows 7. Right now everything works out of box with Linux Mint and I really have no need for Windows 7 unless I need to run a windows only program.

    Is it just me or does Windows 8.1 suck.