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    So guys, I'm testing a big change in docker-xbmc-server:
    - xbmcdata is now kodidata
    - new helper-script: kodiserver-helper with options:
    * showlog
    * showoldlog
    * install
    * clear (removes ALL docker containers) execute only, if you know, what you are doing!. Will be improved in a next version.
    - kodiserver.conf (OMV can create it, when we have a GUI)
    - revomed "--disable-non-free" in Dockerfile
    - option to name containers (NAME="kodiserver" by default, you can change it by editing /etc/kodiserver.conf)
    - logging to /var/log/kodiserver.log

    Ready for testing! Please report any issues

    Tutorial for installing this version here: XBMC-Server (headless/minified) Libraryscanner

    @ David:
    multi-server support is not in this version. Lets discuss this per Whatsapp or PM, please.

    The same for me:

    18:29:10 T:140614987769600   DEBUG: [service.watchdog] not watching <smb://>. does not exist
    18:29:10 T:140614987769600   DEBUG: [service.watchdog] not watching <smb://>. does not exist
    18:29:10 T:140614987769600   DEBUG: [service.watchdog] not watching <smb://HOPPETZ/SerienPool/>. does not exist
    18:29:10 T:140614987769600   DEBUG: [service.watchdog] not watching <smb://HOPPETZ/FilmPool-HD/>. does not exist
    18:29:10 T:140614987769600   DEBUG: [service.watchdog] not watching <smb://HOPPETZ/Music/test/>. does not exist

    You can try it by yourself:
    add <loglevel hide="false">1</loglevel> to advancedsettings.xml and view the log with service kodiserver showlog | grep watchdog

    It seems, that it is a Kodi-Bug:…96&pid=1937805#pid1937805 and below

    Can this Patch be integrated in Kodi 14.0

    git clone /opt/kodi-server
    clones the repo to /opt/kodi-server, so no more "docker-xbmc-server" and it is easier to use in a install script.

    portable_data is only for internal use IN the docker container, right? This folder will not be created on the Hosts FS?

    I pushed a new version of the init.d-script to github.

    Beta-Tutorial to make kodi-server work:

    • git clone /opt/kodiserver
      make sure, it is the same path as above
    • cd /opt/kodiserver
    • Install all files
      .kodiserver-helper install
    • Edit docker-xbmc-server/kodidata/userdata/advancedsettings.xml to your needs. Also supply your sources.xml to that folder!!! Otherwise the watchdog won't work!

      Maybe also edit Watchdog Settings: kodidata/userdata/userdata/addon_data/service.watchdog/settings.xml (Those are my settings, they should work for you guys too, so only edit them if you know what you do)

    • start container
    • Code
      service kodiserver start

    • The DL of packages should start
    • If it is finished, check with service kodiserver status and kodiserver-helper showlog if there are any errors

    I think there is something like "-P" or so which automatically exposes the ports. (your "--expose $WEBSERVERPORT $UPNPPORT" seems to be more complicated, where would it get those ports?)

    These ports are read in the new init.d script. They can easily be used in the "kodistart" function

    I also thought about on creating a "Dockerfile" from a "Dockerfile.default". The create-script can use variables to replace the existing Paths in Dockerfile.default and write it as Dockerfile. This can be used with the docker run command to start the container.

    It should output the Webserver Port :/

    Here are a few questions:

    • Shouldn't we rename "xbmc" to "kodi"? There is no XBMC anymore but we have KODI now
    • My $portable_data is always empty. Can you double-check it please? I think we should set $portable_data to /path/to/docker-xbmc-server/xbmcdata/
    • Where should the default installation go to?
    • We should remove "EXPOSE" from Dockerfile and use "--expose $WEBSERVERPORT $UPNPPORT" at the command to start the container. Because the user can change the Portnumber in advancedsettings.xml
      more info: (if I read correctly)
    • Can Dockerfile be used with variables? Then we can remove hardcoded paths:
    --prefix=/opt/kodi-server && \
        mkdir -p /opt/kodi-server/share/kodi/portable_data/ && \

    What do you guys think?

    The watchdog-addon is not working:

    If someone else wants to know:
    The docker containers are located in /var/lib/docker
    To remove all docker containers and start from scratch:

    docker stop $(docker ps -a -q)
    docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)


    more commands:…tagged-docker-images.html

    Hooray it works!

    kodi.log: /path/to/docker-xbmc-server/xbmcdata/temp/kodi.log
    docker log: /var/log/docker.log

    docker service was running.

    I started from (docker-)scratch yesterday and deleted every /root/docker, xbmc* or kodi* stuff. Reinstalled docker and executed the commands. Then docker starts something that looks like kodi.bin, but it didn't DL and compiled it. Where is the binary (or the whole container) located? In "ps" it is /opt/kodi-helix-headless/, but I haven't got any folders in /opt? WTF?

    There must be a setting, container or file somewhere I missed :o