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    Here is a shell script that integrates OMV 4 and OMV 5 with AD without errors!
    The dialog script was made by a friend based on one I had made simpler, he already activates samba, installs all packages and integrates with AD or Samba4.…master/Join_OMV_to_AD_1.0

    PS: The script is in Brazilian Portuguese as it was made for users of the omvbr group on Telegram, but nowadays with Google Translator for anyone in the world to use.

    Good evening, I am a member of the Telegram group of OpenMediaVault Brazil and a user informed me that in his RAID5 mounting lab using the native RAID Software, when removing the HD sdd, the RAID volume disappears from the web interface, making it impossible to make the correction RAID.

    I thought it would be his mistake and set up the lab on VMWare Workstation:
    sda - System
    sdb, sdc and ssd - RAID5

    After configuring the RAID and playing some files on the share, I turned off the VM and removed the sdd with files and exchanged for a new sdd to simulate a disk exchange with SMART error and when starting, actually in the RAID management web interface it disappeared .

    Has anyone here experienced this or know if it is a known bug?

    PS: I tested on OMV4 and OMV5 and in both the problem occurred!

    I was able to insert in the domain, but I have 2 questions:
    1 - After entering the domain, I can only update users and groups by restarting OpenMediaVault, does anyone know how to solve this?
    2 - I do not know what happened here with me, but even giving users permission to folders, when I put \\ \ even trying to login as Administrator, he informs that I do not have permission to access.

    Good morning, I've been using OpenMediaVault for a few years now and have some version 2 and 3 running integrated into the domain using winbind. However I am having a problem with integrating OpenMediaVault 4 and 5 in the domain using realmd.

    I followed the tutorial: https://forum.openmediavault.o…ory-Integration/?pageNo=1

    With that I was able to integrate OMV into the domain, but I couldn't pull users to the OMV web interface.

    When trying to add the extra options of samba, it always gives some error, someone who has running OMV 4 or 5 on Samba4 or AD, would you pass me the step by step you used?

    The 'issue' is a harmless warning not justifying to break Debian's package management!
    For anyone else reading this: please simply do this instead

    wget -O /usr/lib/python3.5/

    The harmless warning will disappear too but you don't need to fiddle around with adding Debian testing to your apt sources and especially do NOT need to fiddle around with apt pinning which is dangerous especially on the RPi where we already had to pin in a rather weird way to get a marriage between RPi kernel/bootloader stuff and Debian's own package sources.

    Thank you very much, this worked perfectly. =D

    Good evening friends, I was able to find the file: /etc/openmediavault/config.xml

    My question now is if I can get this file from 2.0.x and play on an OpenMediaVault 4.1.

    My goal is that only shared folders and other preconfigured services (even if the shares in Samba and NFS) are not configured.

    Good night, I have a client that was running OMV 2.0, x still, but today in an update of the security packages, something went wrong and the openmediavault package just like php5-fpm was uninstalled.

    Now I have a big problem at hand, because the server is currently running, but if I restart it, I know that the services will no longer work (including integration with AD).

    I would like to know where ACLs, shares, etc are saved in OpenMedaVault to see if these files are still saved, so you can try to reinstall it on another server and overwrite the configuration files and see if it works or not.

    This place has more than 30 shares with different permissions per user and group, so I need a way to not lose those shares.

    Thanks for your help.

    Good evening, anyone in the forum was able to install Duplicati2 in OpenMediaVault 2.x? During the installation process of the OMV in the company I did a test with version 3, but I could not integrate it successfully with the Domain Controller, so I went to version 2.x, but now when trying to install Duplicati in OMV 2.1, I can not because of incompatibility with the mono version.
    Has anyone done this without breaking the system?

    Sadly, having to configure the NAS from 0 every 3 years or so to get it up to date is tricky as far as I'm concerned.

    The other solutions already implement this kind of functionality, I hope OMV will start implementing a backup and restore policy in the next versions, because in my view this and the lack of a simplified integration with AD / Samba4 are the only things I feel lacking in it.