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    Hi everybody,

    I just found this interesting thread and wanted to add.
    Since 1.5 years I'm running FX160 as a Centos 7 home server and am still very pleased with it.
    I bought it for a small price and added a 500GB sata disk to it and 2x2GB RAM (only 3gb is usable).

    The following services are running on my FX160 without any problems:
    - apache webserver
    - haproxy load-balancer
    - mysql server
    - observium (snmp monitoring)
    - smtp server
    - mail server
    - samba + nfs file server
    - FTP and SSH server
    - sabnzbd (newsgroup binary download client)
    - varnish server (caching)
    - tftpserver
    - DNS server
    - owncloud

    Besides the FX160 I'm also running a Wyse R90L (thin client) as a Centos server, but it is less powerful due to
    its single core and 2GB RAM.

    I really hope a new (hacked) bios update will come available so I can benefit from the 4GB ram.